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  • Day 1 Krabi Night Market & Peace Laguna Resort


    Day 1 Krabi, Thailand

    Last year, I was in Ubud, Bali counting down to New Year and my birthday. We had a 9D8N Escape to Bali trip planned at three locations; Seminyak, Sanur, and Bali. We flew on Christmas day and came back after New Years. This year, we decided to go to another romantic island, Krabi, Thailand. To be specific, Ao Nang Beach. Now this area isn't really a romantic spot because the hotels and resorts here are not that romantically inspired. There's a mix of modern and old hotel establishments here. I stayed at The Cliff Ao Nang back in 2011, it was about rm2XX/night. Fairly simple, rustic and laid back resort. I like that there's an outdoor shower with lush greenery around. The room was small and walls were made of glass windows. The only thing protecting your privacy are thin layers of curtain cloths. Not too bad still, because we had our own small hut to ourselves overlooking the swimming pool.
    However, the prices were insane during peak season and I didn't think it was worth that kind of money. Also, I wanted to look for a beautiful resort to stay in that's couple-worthy. We saved up for this trip so we weren't going to settle for a mediocre hotel.

    While I was researching online for the perfect place to stay, I came across Peace Laguna Resort & Spa. The price was also affordable when booked together with Air Asia's year end promotion (you know where you get flights free when you book hotel stays). With the year-end peak season, tourists are flocking to Krabi to celebrate. I was lucky to be able to book for a private cottage here via Air Asia.

    I read TripAdvisor reviews, their website and searched for blog reviews (there's hardly any to my dismay). The pictures of their private cottages along the laguna were calling out to me "BOOK ME"!. It reminded me of my stay in The Banjaran Hotsprings Resort, Ipoh (bonus point 1). I checked the location and Peace Laguna is right at Ao Nang Beach, a few mins walk via a hidden shortcut trail back door leads directly to the beach itself (bonus point 2). Location wise, it's what I was aiming for. I wanted to be in the center of the popular Ao Nang beach where everything was happening without relying on a taxi. Not that it matters because when I got to Krabi, I found out taxis are pretty affordable with a controlled rate displayed on roadside billboards.

    the private cottages along the laguna
    their cottage rooms (deluxe / private)

     the newly installed swings so cool

    I also found out upon arrival, that the resort was recently renovated with new additions in store for their guests. A new elegant lobby, new sofa swings installed, and the cottages were painted blue (previously white). I count myself pretty lucky to come here when they had just recently finished renovation! The website says the resort is concept on the idea of a contemporary South African tribal village.

    Pretty weird, for a resort in Krabi, Thailand to be conceptualized after South African tribal village imho. I was looking for romantic Thai but I ended up in a romantic South African tribal village instead hahaha!!! Get ready for a post heavy with pictures because I can't stop taking photographs of this place!

    pics are taken with my iPhone 6S & Canon 70D

    flying via Air Asia to Krabi, Thailand

    I'm going to start by sharing my Day 1 Krabi Escape. On New Year, we arrived at the Krabi airport in the evening (Saturday). The airport is small, just like Subang airport but there are two terminals here 1 & 2. Each terminal has the taxi and shuttle bus booking counters where you can get a ride to Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach and other parts of Krabi. Bus is definitely cheaper but we missed all the bus (fully booked) and the next one is an hour away. Many taxis outside waiting for tourists and they're more than prepared to offer cheaper than what the airport taxi is charging. We got the taxi to Krabi Town to have dinner at Krabi Night Market (only open during weekends).

    Krabi Airport - Krabi Town (less than an hour)
    Krabi Town to Ao Nang Beach (30mins - an hour)

    fun night market just to eat & see local activities

    souvenirs, crafts, arts, clothes better to buy here
    (cheaper than Ao Nang) 

     many Thai food to choose from

    they're starting the fire show, which is quite popular in Krabi
    (even during my stay, fire shows at pubs are frequent sight at night)

    look at that guy go, I can feel the heat from afar

    Krabi weekend night market, Krabi Town
    (Fri - Sun, starts from evening until 9.30pm)

    Food and souvenirs are cheaper there than Ao Nang area. It's a relatively big night market, very lively with arts, crafts, performances, and a variety of Thai food. The center of the market has a big dining area where plastic chairs and tables are available for you (free). There's a stage up front where locals sing, dance and perform fire shows to get donations.

    After dinner, we walked to the main road to grab the bus to Ao Nang. By bus, I meant the tuk-tuk van types and not the big bus. It's only 60B to Ao Nang but beware, they squeeze 20 people into the tuk-tuk and it was so cramped. The guy was speeding and I felt like we were going to crash anytime too (lol) but I gotta say the wind is nice and the journey was scenic even at night.

    The bus dropped us right on Ao Nang Beach and we walked ahead spotting McDonalds (a popular landmark in Ao Nang Beach) to find Peace Laguna Resort & Spa opposite it. Thank goodness!!! I totally didn't regret booking this place, it was convenient and the location is perfect! Walking in the street, we can see a huge tree at the entrance. This tree is really a sight to behold... it was like "Behold, I am ... (fill in the blanks)".

    Baby G found Peace Laguna Resort & Spa!
    (opposite McDonalds, inner roads)

    the magnificent tree of life (entrance)

    the lobby is right there! I was too excited I forgot to take pic

    (took this pic from their website)

    The newly renovated lobby was also amazing. It was modern, and the neon lights made the whole place look like it's some luxury club. We were gawking already at this point, disbelieving we made such a great choice to stay here! They served us refreshing lemongrass drink while we check-in. The bell boy escorted us to the buggy which took us on across the laguna bridge to the back of the resort. It felt really like Banjaran Hotsprings at this point. He stopped at a cottage and led us in. I remembered asking him if this is our room? (because I can't believe it!). The cottage is freaking nice!!! Well there are some hits and misses but overall wow! I didn't expect this.

    at night this place is so romantic!

    the pavements have cute drawings on it
    (feel like you're in Africa)

    our room, number 2108 (so lucky number)

    home sweet home for the next 4 nights

    bigger picture of my room (nice right!)

    I'm so happy that I booked Peace Laguna Resort & Spa for my trip. The prices are slightly more expensive in Krabi (high peak season) but I was lucky to book this place through Air Asia's promotion. This place is amazing, and they're still improving since they've just updated and refurbished the entrance and lobby area. I would recommend here if you're looking for a romantic trip in Krabi with cottage style villas on the lagoon. The service is good, the location is perfect with only 5 mins walking distance to the beach. Outside there are lots of bars & restaurants, massage parlours and grocery stores.

    Stay tuned for Day 2 where I show you the day time pictures of the resort and my room. The resort could do with some small improvements like a greater variety of bathroom toiletries, bathtub maintenance, and giving turn down service to guests. I was expecting a birthday cake but they didn't prepare any for me. They should surprise guests just like Hilton Kuala Lumpur does.

    Peace Laguna Resort & Spa
    193 Moo2, Ao Nang Beach,
    Krabi 81000 Thailand.
    website: www.peacelagunaresort.com

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