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Lush Fresh Face Mask Dupes


the Korean "Lush" Fresh Face Masks

If you're familiar with Lush Cosmetic's Fresh Face Mask that expires before you could remember to use them, then you might want to check the Korean version of that called MonStory. Available in three different variants each with it's own adorable monster mascot. These fresh face masks can be shipped internationally and will not spoil during transit as oppose to Lush's which needs to be refregriated and would go bad very quickly if not.

three different fresh face masks

each made with different ingredients you won't believe it's in it

Greenmon Trouble Care Mask For Face & Body RM46

For Harry Potter fans, the Greenmon Trouble Care Mask is made with mugwort! Mugwort in Harry Potter's Biology book is said to be used in ancient medicine to treat skin infections and allrgies. BUT of course in this case, it's an anti-inflammatory agent to help sooth and calm down trouble skin (redm sensitive). The other two main ingredients also found in this mask is the red "azuki" bean (deep cleansing) and honey (nourish and protects). I personally tried this, and while the texture is quite thick, it actually feels kinda like a luxurious swamp mask. Smells like one too lol but not in an awful way but you get that green mud scent. This actually cleans and tighten my pores but it leaves my skin very dry so a moisturiser is a must.

This was messy and hard to wash off, maybe I applied too generously. It would've help if you wash your face with warm water. Warning, messy sink / shower after washing off.

Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask For Face RM50

Now this one is a sleeping mask, which means you either use it like a hydrating mask and wash off or you can sleep with it and wash it off the next morning. The Cool Cool Mon Sleeping Mask says it's a slow-aging sleeping mask for face. If you don't know, the Koreans believe that skin temperature greatly affects aging. By cooling down your skin "fever" (hot temperature), you'll inevitable slow down aging. This is kinda true because the harsh weather and heat caused by the sun's uv rays does age your skin (affects your skin collagen, increase sebum). If you keep your skin cool and away from harsh skin enviroment (heat, pollution, haze, dirt, etc) you can maintain a youthful healthy and hydrated skin. Interestingly, this sleeping mask is made of ingredients from the deep blue sea. Full of minerals and nutrition from two main ingredients - sea water and seagrapes a.k.a green caviar the jewel of the sea to help cool down, purify and nourish your skin while you sleep. This must be the Little Mermaid's fresh face mask.

I tried this mask at home, it feels cooling and would be really nice if you kept it in the fridge to maximised the cooling effect. The texture is gel like but quickly melts away like water onto your skin. Initial tinggling sensation can be felt and I was pretty impressed that my flaky skin dissappeared after washing off the mask.

Girly Mon Brightening Care For Face RM50

The last mask which is the Girly Mon Brightening Care is for brightening and anti-aging. The unique thing about this mask is that it's made of fermented rice wine (makgeolli) and rice bran. The combination of these duo ingredients helps combat dull skin. Makgeolli (fermented raw rice wine) is a traditional wine from Korea, made using rice and yeast, then fermented. It contains many good properties to feed the skin like proteins, minerals, vitamin, essential amino acids. detoxify the skin, pore control and helps the exfoliaiton of dead skin cells. The raw rice wine helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by increasing skin elasticity barrier while brightening and improving your skin tone with skin whitening and regeneration (Vitamin B2 & B6). The texture is kinda like an oatmeal cream. 

I would have to caution those with sensitive skin against using this brightening mask because of the powerful rich active ingredients found in it. While it smells nice and calms you down (I could smell lavender in it) when I tried it, my skin was on fire. It wasn't a tinggling sensation, more like a burning spicy sensation which lasts even after I wash the mask off. My skin was red, particularly around the cheeks area. I have sensitive skin so I should've known better to use whitening products which oftens is too strong for sensitive skin types.

That's all, I decided to try these masks from www.althea.kr because it reminded me of Lush's fresh masks and that they're cute with the monster cartoon. Even the packaging (without label) is like Lush's. It does contain paraben, I read from brightening mask page it does contain paraben and mineral oil (if I'm not mistaken) which explains why it would not go bad so fast.

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