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Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar Unboxing Review

Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar RM269

The one and only advent calendar I purchase this Christmas (for myself) are the Atelier Cologne Advent Calendar from Ken's Apothecary BSC. The reason why I bought this was that I've become obsessed with colognes and essential oils lately and wanted to own something different to wear next year. With colognes, I find that they can be mild and subtle but long lasting like EDP (some better, depending on what notes are used). I didn't hear of this brand in Malaysia so after reading reviews and checking out their website, I quickly purchase one!

the front features the facade of the actual Atelier Cologne store in France

Why? Because it's 21 scents + 3 soaps for only RM269, a great way to discover different scents under a brand right away. Atelier Cologne is a French cologne brand created by co-founders Sylvie and Christophe Cervasel. They called it the Cologne Absolue [ pure perfume ], featuring their best seller Orange Sanguine that is said by Sylvie to put a smile on your face. This brand is unique, using natural raw ingredients and highest concentration of essential oils to give the cologne it's lasting power. They boast citrusy scents that are uplifting and refreshing. Individually, you can purchase them at 30ml (RM300 something onwards), 100ml (RM800 something onwards) or at the whooping jumbo 200ml which can cost from RM700 something to RM1.4K+ (liquid gold).

Collection - Joie de Vivre [ fresh and lively citruses ]
Collection Chic Absolu [ clean, transparent and elegant ]
Collection Avant-Garde [ warm, audacious and unexpected ]
Collection Haute Couture [ powerful, rare and precious ]

24 days for you to pop open & discover something new

unboxed for your viewing pleasure

Which comes down to my no.1 reason why you should buy this!
You're seriously getting a good deal by buying this advent calendar for only RM269 and use it as your precious discovery set. Unlike other mass advent calendars that come with samples (sachets, etc) and non-product items (gift tags, ribbons, etc) this advent calendar is fully jam-packed with their fragrance products. The total ml = 57.4ml. Total products 24. On average, you're paying RM11.20 per item here.

A great gift this Christmas for yourself or loved ones.

There's the spray (I previously mentioned on my FB that it's a roller, it's not sorry) in Orange Sanguine (their best seller), three miniatures, 3 soaps and 17 vials of pure perfume for you to go crazy. While their brand is unisex, I feel it's quite a manly vibe it's giving out.

What's Inside This Advent Calendar?

1 x 7.5ml Orange Sanguine Cologne Travel Spray

3 x 7ml Cologne Pure Perfume Mini Deluxe Dabbers in
Clémentine California
Vanille Insensée
Mandarine Glaciale

3 x 40 g Soap in
Orange Sanguine
Pomélo Paradis
Cédrat Enivrant

17 x 1.7ml Cologne Pure Perfume Dabbers in:
Pomélo Paradis
Bergamot Soleil
Cédrat Enivrant
Grand Néroli
Bois Blonds
Vanille Insensée
Rose Anonyme
Vétiver Fatal
Silver Iris
Santal Carmin
Oud Saphir
Mandarine Glaciale
Sud Magnolia
Cédre Atlas
Poivre Electrique
Mimosa Indigo
Tobacco Nuit

You can purchase this advent calendar from any of Ken's Apothecary outlets near you. I bought mine from Norena at Bangsar Shopping Centre. It was Norena that first introduce me to this and I went back to read reviews about it before deciding to make a purchase - hours later, on the same day. She's very friendly, I love her service! P.S: Bangsar Shopping Centre still has stocks!

This post is not sponsored by Atelier Cologne or Ken's Apothecary. I bought this advent calendar by myself. All opinions are my own.