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  • Aircond Cleaning Kit Review


    Pure Life Crystal Aircon Cleaning Kit 

    Last week my aircon was leaking and I was deciding if I should call the aircon service guy or DIY cleaning myself. Boy, I should have saved my money and gone with the professionals. I stopped at this bazaar selling Aircon cleaning cleanser and DIY kit, I was intrigued with how easy it was to clean your aircon with the Pure Life Sales & Service salesman showing me a simple demo (WRONG! Demo is always made to look easier than it is).  Initially, I wanted to buy the non-toxic aircon cleanser RM68 (bazaar price) to just do monthly maintenance. It was just spraying into the coil (the filter is of course removed and cleaned prior to this step) and then turning on your air cond.

    Aircon Cleaning DIY

    The kit was another thing, it came with a cleaning kit ( a plastic bag with pipe connected), the portable water spray can and the aircon cleanser. It's sold for RM178 (slightly cheaper than Mr. DIY store). My conscience was telling me not to buy it, it's too expensive! Just call DustBox to come service your air cond.

    the video on how to use the kit

    Unfortunately, I fell for "how easy it is" demonstration and paid for the kit. Brought it home and disaster happened. It took a good few hours to really complete all this. Maybe we were beginners. It wasn't as easy as it looks. While it may just be 3 things to get you started, it caused more inconvenience and time which could have gone to better use.

    First, the plastic baggy was a free size. It didn't fit my aircon well so while cleaning, the dirty water went every angle it could. The bag didn't hold the water well for the pipe to drain it.

    Second, the pipe was flimsily connected via a hole which fell out a few times when we tried to control the drainage. You can literally just poke back the pipe into the hole (omg). The pipe was also SHORT that you need another stool just to put your bucket on it. So this means one ladder which you're on to clean your aircon, one for the bucket so the pipe reaches it. SO STUPID.IMPRACTICAL!

    Third, the portable 1L water spray can, is a waste of time if you're doing a real clean up of your aircon. During the demonstration, they did it so easily and only demonstrate the cool spraying of water to clean your aircon coils. In reality, it's a 1L can which needed to refill a few times back and forth from the bathroom in order to clean the aircon coils. I think we did 5 takes, just for this. The pressure wasn't lasting as well, you need to keep pumping the can so water pressure can shoot out.

    You definitely need two people to carry this out. Otherwise, you're going to slip (it's messy! water everywhere) or waste your god damn time cleaning it with this amateur kit.

    I'm so frustrated ARGHH.. my room is a mess. I wish I hadn't bought this. I will be honest, it's my first time and I've watched all the videos the sales guy gave me. It's nothing like what you're going to do. The videos are just covering up things you do not see. I regretted buying this, and I'm not even sure if it works, which means my RM178 has gone down the drain.

    Reality is, it's not going to be as easy as it looks, if you can pull it off, I salute you! You've been warned. Think twice about buying DIY Aircon Cleaning Kits because it may not be for you!

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