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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Where To Find Decoden in Malaysia


    warning this is not food

    I'm starting to watch youtube videos on decoden lately. Fascinated by how it has evolved into a girly craze for those interested to pimped up almost anything imaginable. Decoden or dekoden is basically a girly trend started by the Japanese. Deco short for decorating and den meaning phone. I find it interesting but decorating mobile phones is a thing of the past. What I am really interested in is to turn my bb cushion into a super cute dessert that looks too good to be true.

    can you believe these are fakes?!
    pics from malaysiaclayart.com

    food decodens made by hand
    pics from malaysiaclayart.com

    manage to get a decoden kit from Althea Korea
    (free with purchase of BB Cushion last year)

    Super cute right? I got my first experience thanks to Althea Korea. My BB Cushion Deco Kit arrived and I got to test out piping the cream clay onto the top of my bb cushion case. The cream clay or dekoden cream is as realistic as it gets! They look exactly like whipped cream / icing and the shape stays after setting it for 24 hours.  The decoden parts (cute yummy looking food decorative parts) can be placed on top of the cream making your creation a lovely dessert from a bakery.

    Unfortunately :( Althea Korea only did this free giveaway once in a blue moon and it got out of stock so fast. I wanted to look for my own so I did a bit of hunting and research on where to buy decoden in Malaysia.

    cute food decodens 10pcs only RM8.00!
    pics from malaysiaclayart.com

    I found out that decoden is an expensive hobby to pursue because decoden parts are handmade piece by piece by the artist. The paint, the workmanship, the quality of the clay is really important so it doesn't look tacky. Prices range from more or less usd1 per pc online at Etsy or specialty stores. Some crafters made their own too. I was really having a tough time trying to source where to buy affordable decodens until I googled and found Malaysian Clay Art, an online clay hobby site that sells decoden, cabochons, cream clays, deco / fake sauces (you have whipped cream now you have fake dessert sauces e.g chocolate sauce) and many other clay products. 

    What I'm planning to buy:

    Dekoden Charms from 10pcs - 16pcs variety RM8.00 (Beauty / Food / Bling Blings)
    Cream Clays RM6.00 (white / chocolate / strawberry)
    Decorative Tips (6pcs) RM8.00 *for cream clays*

    It's heaven sent when they finally answered my inquiry on a particular deal I wanted to buy. My questions regarding pricing, stock, advise on colours were answered quickly. I am going to place a big order so I can hold a BB Deco Cushion Workshop for my bloggers community, The Butterfly Project. I'll update and show my order when it arrives!

    If you're also into decoden or bb cushion decorating like me, you should check out their website and facebook. I hope you find my sharing helpful! Please share under comments if you know anywhere else that is as good as Malaysian Clay Art yeap. 


    1. Super gorg!
      Saw that you're using InnisFree; how's the product? Are they any good? There's an outlet 5mins away from my apartment -- every time I walk by I wonder if they're good. So first hand experience, please? :)

      1. Hey Nanie, which Innisfree did you see? I do like their jeju volcanic mask a lot and the no-sebum mineral powder which I hacked into dry shampoo during emergencies (HAHAHA). The Jeju Volcanic Mask is an cheaper alternative to another one of my mud mask favourite @ GlamGlow's Youth Mask.

        Hey could you do me a favor, the next time you visit Innisfree please check their shampoo price? I'm wondering if Althea is cheaper or the outlet is cheaper.

    2. Woooww so pretty the decoden!!!imagine eating ur bbcream cover hahaha..cant wait to see what u bought

      1. Yeahhhh!!! You better don't start this hobby among all your hobbies!! this one really pocket hurt one if go pro.

    3. I'm hunting for decoden too on taobao but so hard to find. Still waiting to use the rest of the artificial cream from Althea to decorate my other stuff. Haha

    4. one glance thought you are reviewing delicious cakes. Who knows thats the result of creativity. Damn! so gorgeous.

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    6. OMG Yes please to BB Cushion Decor workshop!! Super cute!


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