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  • Goodbye Body Butter. Hello Body Yogurt!


    body yogurt
    The Body Shop Body Yogurts

    Thanks to The Body Shop (for short "TBS"), my boyfriend came back with 4 of their new fast-absorbing body yogurts to review. As if the body butter wasn't cute enough, TBS manage to come up with body yogurts which totally makes sense for us in Asia. It's hot and humid all year long, not that I am complaining but body creams just won't do for me. It gets sticky, yucky and clingy. When I was studying in Melbourne, I needed to moisturize myself with body creams or else my skin becomes chappy, dry and sensitive. Sometimes it becomes so bad, like cracking and bleeding.

    But back home now in Malaysia, I don't use body creams anymore. I prefer something lightweight, smoother and not sticky like a body oil. So when TBS announce their new 100% Vegan Body Yogurts I was like WHAT?! When did TBS become so innovative haha?

    The first thing I did was opened the product and quickly test it out on my skin. True enough they are light and fluffy! You can even jiggle them in the tub and see them shake. It's a gel-cream texture, very much like a soft jelly-pudding and not exactly yogurt.

    Upon massaging, it melts into your skin in seconds! 

    have you tested these yet?

    They're available in five deliciously scented, nature-inspired flavours - Strawberry, British Rose, Moringa, Almond Milk and Banana (limited edition). You can find other countries serving Mango flavor. I am not sure why they're not serving Mango here!

    I was given 4 flavors to test :)

    Strawberry smells like the strawberry jelly

    Rose has a strong floral scent

    Almond has a strong almond musk scent

    Banana smells like the real thing!

    limited edition summer scent with punchy, playful packaging

    Strawberry Body Yogurt
    I must agree that this is hands down, my favourite body yogurt scent in the whole bunch! It's also the sweetest compared. It's made with REAL STRAWBERRY JUICE! It reminds me of the strawberry jellies I buy from the school canteen or mom pop grocery stalls. The small triangle shape ones, where you tear the cover and pop it into your mouth or just suck it out. It smells just like that! 

    British Rose Body 
    I find that this has the strongest scent, and floral isn't one of my to-go scents. It's made with rose extracts from England but I don't quite like the scent and can't make up my mind if it does smell like roses. It definitely has a strong floral-rose musk scent. Smells a bit like shampoo? Idk, just don't like it.

    Almond Milk Body Yogurt
    If you're not into fruits or flowers, then a sweet and nutty scent is probably your choice. This smells like a strong almond milk to me. Somehow I feel it has a musky scent, so it's kinda sexy. If anyone can tell me how they feel about this, it would be great! 

    Banana Body Yogurt
    Honestly, I am not a banana fan and the entire line of banana products in TBS creeps me out because they're like real creamy bananas! From the Banana shampoo to this, I could feel the hairs stand - like a cat. Still, maybe you'd like this right? Especially when this is the summer edition scent that won't stay on the shelves for long. Better grab 'em all now if you're a banana fan. This body yogurt not only smells strongly of real bananas, it's made of real bananas of all shapes and sizes from Ecuador. 

    Moringa Body Yogurt
    I don't have this to test but from what I read on their website, this one's a floral scented body yogurt. Made with moringa extracts from Rwanda.

    All body yogurts are made with Community Trade organic almond milk from Manan in Alicante, Spain. 

    lightweight, fast-absorbing, non-sticky!

    TBS says life's too short and they want you to jump straight into your jeans with their body yogurts. Since it's fast absorbing (15secs) you can apply right after the shower on damp skin even and not worry about sticky clothes. The scent lasts for a couple of hours and it can keep you moisturized up to 48 hours.

    Personally, I love that they have finally come to speed on a lightweight body cream. One that's fast absorbing is a plus point. When applied to the skin, the gel-cream turns watery and my skin gulps it all up (so yes it is fast absorbing!). They're not sticky or greasy, but I feel there's a slight waxy feeling left behind (maybe just me?). The scent lingers for a couple of hours. I am tempted to fridge them to see how awesome they feel when they're cold on the skin.
    You can get these cuties from TBS stores near you or www.thebodyshop.com.my for RM59.90 each. Don't forget to sign up as a Love Your Body member to get exciting discounts and promotions!

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