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  • Nordgreen Philosopher Watch Review


    the watch with a social responsibility

    Thanks to Nordgreen, I was given a chance to review the new Scandinavian watch that kickstarted with a bang thanks to their vision of creating sustainable and positive change for the watch market. Not only are the designs timeless and classic, but it also screams all things Hygge! (the Danish way of life!). Pronounced as "hoo-ga" it just means happiness through enjoying simple things 🍃

    Simple, minimalist, and with sustainability in mind, I can see why they've been mention by top influencers and media such as Vogue and GQ.

    iconic Danish watch design for a better world

    Nordgreen - not just a watch, it's a movement

    Nordgreen is a Copenhagen-based watch brand that blends Scandinavian minimalism with fine craftsmanship of a leading Danish designer Jakob Wagner who has previously worked with Bang & Olufsen and other major design brands. I watched his video, explaining how he blended functionality and minimalism and breath life into the watches to create interaction and connection for the user.

    P.S: I love love love Bang & Olufsen's aesthetics so imagine my excitement that I'm now wearing a watch designed by the same man 😍

    which cause would you donate to?

    Looking at the prices, if you're looking for a premium designer watch, Nordgreen would fit right on your wrist and pocket with its high quality, timeless long-lasting watches with social responsibility. Yes, there's where design and giving come into place. If you buy a Nordgreen watch, a part of it goes into sustaining one of the three great causes available on their giving back program.

    💚 Health - Provide Clean Water
    Two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic in partnership with Water for Good.

    💚 Education - Educate the Future
    Two months of education to a child in India in partnership with Pratham UK.

    💚 Environment - Protect the rainforest
    Preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America in partnership with Good Earth.

     A watch designed for everyone, everywhere

    When Nordgreen asked me to pick a watch of my choice, I was at a loss at the beautiful designs available. There were three distinctive designs available for women - the philosopher, native, and infinity. Each inspired by the city, Copenhagen. So guess which one called out to me? ⌚

    Philosopher - Celebrates our ability to Think Differently
    The Philosopher women's watches two-piece dial and asymmetric second hand combine to create a truly unique design. This model celebrates the ability to think differently, push boundaries, and make a statement wherever you go.

    Infinity - Inspired by Nature
    The Infinity model women's watches are ideal for a style that stands out from the crowd but blends into your everyday life. The deep curvature of the dial and its straightforward construction results in an everyday piece that perfectly complements wrists of all lifestyles.

    Native - A Classic Redefined 
    Our Native women's watches redefine classic. The simple, sophisticated design and subtle detailing of this model result in truly timeless timepieces that will never go out of style.

    guess which watch I pick? The Philosopher!

    Comparing the three, I finally decided on the Philosopher. Drawn to the details and markings on the dial I felt this had more of the life's traveler in it. A character who'd brave through life with a strong arm, mind, and heart. Something I would proudly wear and be reminded of my own achievements in life. I love that I could customize my watch based on:
    1. Watch Color - silver, rose gold, gun metal, or gold
    2. Watch Size - 32mm, 36mm, or 40mm (depending on which design)
    3. Strap - mesh, nylon, leather, or vegan leather
      * a variety of strap colors are available as well from classics to modern.

    Nordgreen's Philosopher is designed to celebrate our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now, and create a better future. The asymmetric second hand that appears to continuously slice through time, is designed to remind of exactly this. The watch is acting as an instrument of time.
    The conical-shaped case has a wider base than face, creating a sharp two-piece dial that draws our eye to the center of the timepiece, to the now! The elevated watch case, clean brushed look, and tugging lugs provide the finishing touches to the watch's unique design.
    Our inter-changeable straps allow you to customize your Philosopher to every style. Carry it with you and the stories you'll create with the timeless Philosopher makes it one to keep hold of for the grand-children.

    Free worldwide shipping and returns

    After placing an order, I received an email confirmation and an update on my shipment where I could track the status. The website indicated delivery times were 2 - 5 working days so I was surprised to receive mine just after two working days via FedEx. However, I needed to pay a customs clearance tax on it, if I could remember it was RM26 🤷

    I quickly tore the package apart (as you can see lol) and found the package in good condition along with a matching recycled tote bag. The box was made from cardboard paper from responsibly managed forest and the felt inside the box was formed using up-cycled plastic ♼

    Holding my Philosopher's watch, it didn't feel cheap and I loved the brown vegan leather strap that I have picked out. I do regret not getting the bundle set instead which comes with three interchangeable straps!
    The Specs:
    316L Steel Construction
    Jap. Quartz Movement
    Mineral Glass
    3ATM Water Resistance (Rain Resistant)
    Vegan Leather Strap

    simple yet sophisticated

    an hourglass engraved behind ⌛
    (serial number = authenticity)

    I picked the 40mm size because I love oversize accessories

    love the vegan leather strap option

    minimalist, sophisticated, classic

    towards a positive change for humankind and nature

    iconic minimalist style for everyone

    2-year warranty and free worldwide returns

    true Scandinavian lifestyle & design made accessibly

    I hope my review would help you to reach a sustainable decision when you're deciding on gifting or selecting a watch for yourself, particularly minimalist designer watches with a cause. I enjoyed wearing my watch and friends have been asking where I get this. The notice the watch in my pictures as well when I'm talking about my plants.

    For every timepiece sold, Nordgreen gives a portion to one of three causes—you choose which. All you have to do is type in the serial number found on the back of your watch and follow where your donation goes. The brand has partnerships with NGO’s that provide clean water in Africa, educate children in India, and protect the rainforest in South America.

    free extra strap with every watch or bundle with code "FREESTRAP" on https://nordgreen.com

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