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John Authentic Foods Homemade Meatballs

John Authentic Foods

MCO getting bored at home? Miss eating hotpot at restos? Want to change things up? Introducing John Authentic Foods affordable homemade ready to cook #hotpot or #diy #HKSTYLE #prawnwonton noodles at home within minutes 💯

All from #RM10 onwards
❌ Borax
❌ Preservatives
❌ Colouring

Pork Dumpling 12pcs RM21.90
Prawn Wonton 15pcs RM21.90 👍
Mushroom Meatball 15pcs RM21.90
Seaweed Meatball 15pcs RM21.90  
Cuttlefish Meatball 15pcs RM21.90  👍
Tender Egg Noodle 6 portions RM11.90 👍
Prawn Broth 500ml RM10.90
Prawn Oil 180ml RM10.90
Crispy Fried Shallots 180ml RM10.90
Specialty Chilli Sauce 180ml RM12.90 👍
***New Items***
White Pepper Soup 500ml RM10.90 
Pig Stomach & Radish 500g RM24.90

all made fresh for you (preorder needed)

Easy to cook, everything ready, safe & fresh 👍 Their signature is the prawn broth + prawn oil+tender egg noodles to make a flavourful bowl of HK-style prawn wanton noodles that your father mother will say "I'm so prawn of you!" 🦐

here's how the packaging & homemade items looks like

Currently have 5 types of homemade, ready-to-cook items! All come in nice packaging, seals for hygiene can keep a long time in the freezer but once open need to consume fast within 5 days bcoz no preservatives!

The box packaging is very cute! I like it very much. So stylish when the delivery comes.

Big pork meatballs (3 types to choose from) 15pcs for rm21.90?
if u calculate it's only 1.46 each ball
cheaper than Family Mart oden

Here I show u each type of meat I tried after cooking 😃

Their meatballs are big, fresh, and no borax but still can boing-boing 😱 Highly recommend trying the cuttlefish meatball 🦑 as it has cuttlefish bits in the pork meatball so delicious 😋  


They have two kinds of soups, u can make a bowl of noodles or as hot pot. 1 pack is 500ml, which is enough for 1 hot pot. You can dilute with water for a bigger portion as the flavors are not diluted/light. If u have a steamboat bbq machine, it will fit enough for one round. If it's a duo pot steamboat bbq machine, it's 2 rounds of soup each pack can use.

Their new item to accompany the white pepper soup. Some ppl don't like to eat but like the soup which is why they separated this. I personally ate this for maybe 3rd time in my whole life bcoz I'm scared of eating weird things. But after reading on google the benefits of Pig Tripe (stomach) and white pepper soup, I finish it all and slept well.

Don't look down on the contents, it's actually quite a big portion enough for a big group to enjoy some each if eaten in a hot pot. To avoid over spilling ur hot pot, put a bit each time into hot pot soup if not there's not enough room for your meatballs.

White Pepper Pig Tripe & Radish Soup
white pepper soup + pig stomach white radish

HK Style Prawn Wanton Mee
prawn broth + tender egg noodles + prawn wanton

I tried their new item White Pepper Soup + Pig Stomach & Radish for hot pot and the flavor is there! It makes me sleep so well at night I can feel my body detoxing! This is a famous soup to nourish the body especially new moms 👩‍🦰👶

three types of sauces to choose from

To complete your cooking, these John Authentic Foods homemade sauces will help combine all the flavors harmoniously together for an amazing meal.

Here are some tips on how to use them:

1. Speciality Chilli Sauce is like your homemade ah ma chillis sauce with added tanginess and a slightly spicy kick. It's really nice to dip and eat!

2. Prawn Oil to add a stronger prawny taste into your prawn soup (hot pot) or finishing touch to your prawn wanton noodles. You can oil the bbq area with it and fry ur meats/vegs.

3. Crispy Fried Shallots for those aunties n uncles who cannot live without this, it's the final ingredient to completing your wanton noodles. I also used this to oil the bbq hot pot and bbq my dumplings on it which turns out so great!

(bbq grill shallot pork dumplings is now my fave)

✅【10% OFF】
Use code TAMMY10 for 10% off min. order RM60. Exp 30/6/21

Pre-order only as items are made fresh without preservatives!
Wasap :

🛵【Delivery - Preorder】
Because it's preservative-free, you have to pre-order beforehand. Their delivery dates are Monday, Wed and Saturday. Delivery fresh food to your doorsteps within Klang Valley only using Lalamove.