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Times Book Fair Fahrenheit 88


bought the books that I always wanted

The Times Book Fair at Fahrenheit 88 (opposite Pavilion KL) Concourse, Ground Floor started on the 23/2/11 and will go on until 6/3/11 10am-10pm everyday. Discounts up to 90% off, super hot deals on best sellers/new releases 30% off and books as low as RM3! For TPC members free RM10 voucher with purchase of RM180 and above in a single receipt where else non-members will have to spend RM200 & above to get it. 

I didn't get the chance to go earlier but yesterday since I was at Fahrenheit 88 for a meeting, I drop by the Times Bookstores Book Fair and scan through the place. It's mostly 30% off for books but on books that's actually best sellers like Jamie Oliver's Cook Books. Yes those thick hard copies are going for 30% off. There's also the soft cover copy which retails for RM89? I think and that's before the 30% discount. I bought Kylie Kwong heart & soul at 50% off! (RM78.65) and Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (RM135.00) at 30% off.

I love love this book by Jamie
(Jamie's Ministry Of Food)

My Jamie Oliver's Collection:
Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef (a gift from Fariza Fauzi)
Jamie's Ministry of Food (Anyone Can Learn To Cook in 24 Hours)

My Kylie Kwong Collection:
Kylie Kwong heart & soul

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Fahrenheitt 88 (opposite Pavilion KL)
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Times Book Stores customer service 2148 8813


  1. i bought Jamie Oliver book @ popular warehouse sales last year @ 50% off. And my sis told me i could have gotten it cheaper during Big Bad Wolf sales

  2. what! 50% off? hard cover or soft cover? dam... if u spot any let me know, been lookin to buy jamie oliver's at 50% off but can't find :( big bad wolf sales dun sell new titles, they usually sell very old books/titles. If they got jamie.. i'll go grab!

  3. wow this is 1 great news.. ^_^

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  5. been reading for a while- but only my first time commenting! i think i saw you last night at coffee club (: by the time i got back in Fahrenheit, the books were already sleeping (tucked under covers hehe), but will definitely check it out soon. have a good weekend!

  6. Cath: u gona go get some books? :D i saw traveling, food and crafts!

  7. Xen Lee: hah! did u use foursquare to check in Coffee Club? I was there talking to Body Shop Marketing people. I want to go back to find more hidden gems at the book fair :( but fahrenheitt is too far to go for me sob sob again.

  8. i sure did check in! :D business talk on a friday night?? well at least the food and drinks there were decent (:

    nowhere is too far for a good deal! hehe. i am definitely following now, instead of checking regularly so i wont miss out on anything!!

  9. thanks babe! you know what a bookaholic i am hehehehe.

  10. it's hardcover (RM135 @ 50%).

    Btw, I do have the naked chef 1,2&3, Jamie's School Dinner and Ministry of Food tv program series.

  11. Where is the popular warehouse sales and when is it on last year?

  12. Hi! If you REALLY love books, you should check this bookstore out! http://bookxcessblog.com/ P/S: I work here! ;) *cheers*


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