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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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This is a very easy game to play and it's only by LUCKY DRAW! Just leave a comment why you love my blog and a lucky draw will be held on Valentine's Day (while I'm at Avillion Port Dickson) using a randomizer. 5 lucky followers will win a RMK Nail Polish worth rm70! Which colors? I'm sorry that's up the randomizer too! so mysterious yeah baby. One comment per follower only!

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Starts 9th February, 2011. Lucky Draw starts 14th February 12.00AM. Results announced on Valentine's Day! International followers are welcome to join as well. 


  1. follower id: huihui0206
    name: huihuicch
    e-mail: huihui_love@hotmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? how nice see Tammy intro all the best things and share us all about beauty & travel

  2. Follower ID: Fruity Purplicious
    Name: KJ Leong
    Email: fruity_purplicious@yahoo.com

    Happy Rabbit Year Tammy~ Love reading your blog because your posts consist a big range of beauty and shopping info which i would never miss out a single to read everyday~!

  3. follower id:bobolooi88
    name: bobo looi
    slogan: I love plusizekitten.com because I like the way tammy share out the beauty info, or any interesting experience. It's all straight to the point and I am enjoy to read that. Keep goes on my dear... ^^

  4. follower id:Eva
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? I love how you introduce a lot of different products I have not heard before. You also have a nice variety of posts not just beauty products.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. follower id: Cindy
    name: Cindy
    e-mail: cindy_xinyi@yahoo.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com?
    Simply becoz Im also a plusizekitten..and simply becoz I want to support and love you tammy! muakss.. ;)

  6. follower id: kathlynn
    name: kathlynn (duh!)
    e-mail: sleeping_child14@hotmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? because you have such interesting posts to read!^^ meow! Happy VDay to you! :)

  7. follower id: Kong
    name: Kong Wai Keng
    e-mail: kongwaikeng@gmail.com
    slogan: Up-to-date, precise, and honest news, reviews, and opinions

  8. follower id: Ivy Chang
    name: Ivy Chang
    e-mail: icaiwei@gmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com?
    because i love reading your blog! yours always full with information on beauty and stuff that's always suitable for a budget gal like me :) love ya, muacks

  9. follower id: juli1202
    name: Hang Ju Li
    e-mail: juli1202[at]hotmail[dot]com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Because you post great content very frequently. I love it!

  10. follower id : Rileen
    name: Rileen Chua
    email: caramelynn@hotmail.com
    Slogan : Because it feels closer to the heart with a beauty blogger right from Malaysia.

  11. Follower id:angel
    Name:Angel Chen
    I Love Plusizekitten.Com because you share a lot of thing with us. I like your review on those beauty product and you share about all those event. Really is a great blog. Will keep reading ya. =)

  12. follower id: Isabel
    name: Isabel Lee
    e-mail: deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Because I like your view of things =) Reading your blog is like living your life a little xD

  13. follower id: claudia.
    name: Claudia Chow
    e-mail: claudiachow10@yahoo.com
    slogan: I love it because you share a lot of useful product reviews and events. It's updated frequently which is a good thing. (:

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  15. follower id: i1b2b
    name: Munne Low
    e-mail: i1b2b@cheerful.com
    slogan: I Love Plusizekitten.com because i can get updated beauty tips or offers continuously and sometimes get learnt new stuffs like handmade soup & etc. Keep update ya~ Cheers

  16. follower id:blogger
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Because very informative and updated!!!!!!! totally awesome!!! and enjoy following Malaysian blogger as I'm able to relate to you guys!!! :)

  17. follower id: thian
    name: Thian
    e-mail: sweetheart0222@gmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Because I can always update myself with the latest info.

  18. follower id:Siew Li
    name:Hang Siew Li
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Perfect blog with most updated information & frequently review on products + wonderful places to visit

  19. follower id: ~Tr@cey~
    name: Su Yen
    e-mail: suyentang@yahoo.com
    slogan: I love reading Plusizekitten.com cos where else can you get the latest beauty & shopping updates, freebies, discounts and all sorts of offers under one roof?! Its everything a girl needs.. Keep up the good work~ :)

  20. follower id:LiLian
    name:Wah Li Lian
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com?
    I like your blog that has a frequent updates on beauty products,and warehouse sales, and workshop that I shall not miss =]

  21. Follower id: sufen
    Name: Su Fen
    email: sufen_tan88@hotmail.com
    slogan: I love Plusizekitten.com because I have learnt a lot from there about beauty, shopping and discount since I saw it in everyday.com. I'll continue reading the blog until the end.

  22. follower id: ferris tang
    name: ferris tang
    e-mail: seeing3051@yahoo.com
    slogan: Plusizekitten.Com make me FUN and beauty perfection and I'll never age in my journey... Stay HAPPY Always!

  23. would like to try my luck, hope i get the shiny pink~ hehehe..

    follower id: Jean
    name: Jean Yong
    e-mail: purplewardrobe@gmail.com
    slogan: I love plusizekitten.com because I love this cute and gorgeous plus size kitten, and everything that she shared!!

  24. follower id: vernz_08
    name: Angelin Ng
    e-mail: vernie-88@hotmail.com
    slogan: I Love Plusizekitten.Com because it gave a information of latest freebies and and events that everyone girls love most (=

  25. follower id: fiseel
    name: Sophia Lee
    e-mail: fiseel@gmail.com
    slogan: I Love Plusizekitten.Com because i love reading the contents on beauty & updates :)

  26. follower id : Jay
    name : Jane
    e-mail : jeeneeyy@yahoo.com
    slogan : I Love Plusizekitten.com as it has all the yummylicious, beautilicious and travelicious updates from a spectacular and tantalizing Tammy-licious individual. Total AWESOMENESS!

  27. follower id: sjune
    name: June Loo
    e-mail: sjunemyself@gmail.com
    slogan: updates of sales, freebies and events, what more can I ask for :D~

  28. follower id: Thera Seow
    name: Thera
    e-mail: thera.seow@gmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com?
    Hmmm... Coz lots of reasons?? Hahaha... One of the reason is I love to see you update on warehouse sales, shoppings and travels. All look so tempting to me ^^ Ohhhh... How I wish I could do it.. T.T (Money is always not enuf)

  29. follower id: jessie
    name: Jessie Sam
    email: samzhixi@yahoo.com
    slogan: I love Plusizekitten.com because it always updates me on freebies and events. It is so nice of having Plusizekitten.com!

  30. follower id: keikei
    name:Magdelane Cheong
    e-mail: keikei_248@hotmail.com
    slogan: i love plusizekitten.com because i always got the latest news on warehouse sale, fashion and beauty events. love ya!

  31. follower id: shinyeeasy
    name:Ang Shin Yee
    e-mail: shinyeeasy@hotmail.com
    slogan: i love plusizekitten.com because your blog is always updated with the latest and hot beauty products, warehouse sales and events!!! *super like*

  32. follower id: Santhy
    name: Santhy
    email: san7859(at)hotmail(dot)com
    slogan: I love plusizekitten.com because it's always regularly updated with information on cheapest beauty products deals and the blogger is doing a really great job!!

  33. follower id: LauraLeia
    name: Laura Lee
    e-mail: Laura1990my@hotmail.com

    slogan: I love plusizekitten.com because it's full of the best shopping, beauty, events and just plain practical tips for ladies! The posts are very informative and make for a very enjoyable read, that's why I visit almost every other day for updates. Love your blog, Tammy, and keep up the good work! ^^

  34. follower id: weistin
    name: Chai Siew Tin
    e-mail: weistin@yahoo.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? because i can get the latest news tat i dun realise in the town n even the magazine...

  35. ollower id: gwen GR
    name: grass chua
    e-mail: grass_ahceng@hotmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? because it is very informatics!!

  36. follower id: chocolatefrogstar
    name : jia
    e-mail : magnect at hotmail dot com
    slogan : Miu is someone dear whom i've never gotten to meet and hug yet because she's been awfully kind to me and always took the trouble to help me out knowing how deprived i am in this little town. Plus her sense of humour semakin hari semakin kelakar. Plusizekitten.com is definite a feel-good site. Great for after work reads !

  37. follower id: Rane Chin
    name: Rane Chin
    e-mail: yee2609@yahoo.com
    slogan: Plusizekitten.Com is fun to read yet informative.

  38. i know the contest had ended but I read Plusizekitten.com because its so girly addictive! xD

  39. follower id: Shyneze
    name: Shyne Sze
    e-mail: shyne_oss89@hotmail.com
    slogan: Why You Love Plusizekitten.Com? Miu is one of the most coolest person ever, so is Plusizekitten.com


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