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Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur's Ultimate Treat to Nest In


Villa Samadhi is next on my list to stays

After coming back from the Mas Traveler's Blogger's Party at the beautiful Neo Tamarind (Tamarind Hill) at Jalan Sultan Ismail (next to Wisma KFC) I picked up a brochure of what seems to be a beautiful beach like resort but on further reading it, it's not a beach resort but it's a retreat in the city of Kuala Lumpur itself! *gosh*. The photos looks amazing, a place to unwind, relax and get back your spirits, Villa Samadhi would be perfect place to just check out from your office and check in minutes later. I suspect it would also be luxuriously priced! Their tag line:
"Rekindle Your Spirit At Villa Samadhi, In Absolute Russet Harmony. And in the still of the urban drone, reinstate the rhythm of life in the wake of a complete dream state".
oh lord...

oh my god...

I want to come here!!!

Oh yes baby, you got me at hello. Wish I could come here real soon to unwind. I wonder when :(

Information about Villa Samadhi:

Villa Samadhi is best described as an intimate urban retreat; KL’s ultimate ‘treat to nest in’. This chic villa-in-a-room concept offers a trendy collection of contemporary Asian-inspired rooms, each spanning from 600 square-foot to over 2000 square-foot of living spaces.
The 21 polished-concrete private rooms are fitted with refined salvaged- timber floors and interior, plush beds, over-sized plunge tubs, romantic balconies, furnished with tech-amenities. While some ‘villas’ are fully-equipped with modern kitchens and private gardens, ground-floor rooms are with room-to-water access to the ‘lagoon’.
Bumbung, (the layered roof structure in the pic) the laid-back rustic rooftop tea lounge is premeditated for chill-out sundowns amid KL’s urban drone. Housed within a quiet, upscale residential locale just minutes away from KL city centre, Villa Samadhi is a dream state. 

Check out their website here http://www.samadhiretreats.com/


  1. Hello dear! So hardworking to blog even on Saturday night! ;) Great meeting you just now!! See u around soon ok! :)

  2. ahem (but not on Mas pulak) ! hey so shock u found ur way here O_O happy meeting u just now too!!! see u around too! I also wanan contact u for food review thingy soon yeah!!!

  3. omg talk about coincidential happenstance, i too was so curious about samadhi villa that a fortnight ago i booked for a night's stay here this saturday. unsure what to expect but a friend later told me she's been there and it's fantastic! here's hoping :)


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