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Cat Ear Headbands aka Necomimi??


brain wave Cat Ears Head Band???

OMG I know cat ears are so dam cute things to wear and I have been thinking about getting one but I can't find really cute n good ones in Malaysia besides the el-cheapo ones where u wear on Halloween Parties. Surfing online, I see this brain wave electronic cat ear headband which not only look super cute n not el-cheapo like, it also MOVES following your brainwaves! serious! check out the video below from youtube:


when you're in focus, the ears stand up!
(and when u look at cute guys it stands up too.. darn)

I wonder how much is this!!! so want one. Imagining wearing it to work and while you're focusing on work it stands up. Your boss will come scold u for wearing a stupid thing to work but when u explain to him that it's good for staffs to wear coz he can see who's "concentrating" at work and who's slacking off (ears droops down). LOL..so much... for getting him buy it for everyone if he does.


  1. hahaha! my boss should wear also so i know he's listening to me when i'm talking to him :p

  2. wah??? u got that problem too? they should make cat tails next, so we know they're alert!!!

  3. I like this one more, LOL - http://100milligrams.com/product_info.php?products_id=308{3}246


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