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Everyday Member Talks About The Mill Buffet!


The Mill at The Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
guess who ate here last Friday?

Meet Miss Chai Ying Huey also known as Buaya Wing (crocodile Wing). She has been an Everyday.Com.My member for 3 years and recently she was invited to try the International Buffet worth RM88++ (not inclusive of govt and service charge yet!) at The Mill, The Grand Millennium Hotel. A meal at a luxury 5 star hotel sounds wonderful right? not as wonderful as the oysters and salmon that's going into Buaya Wing's stomach! Click the video to listen to what she has to say!
the best deal in town is happening at my company!

Don't miss out the BEST DEAL IN TOWN NOW. To eat what she's eating check out Everyday.com.my Coupons now. The buffet is at a super deal price of RM39.90 nett now! valid for lunch and dinner, anyday even on public holiday and Father's Day.

The Chocolate Fountain at The Dessert's Corner

 the pretty pretty desserts and ice kacang!!!

 it's Oyster's Galore this month!

my bf would love this...

welcome to the land of the rising sun!

I freakin love the Indian food section here!
(Chef Makhan is frm India!)

the first thing I tried was the food here... heavenly

 the briyani rice is divine! just nice and not overpowering

Chef Tan, Chef Makhan and Adhi Big Thanks!!!

ice-cream covered with chocolate from fountain!

I got one more video to share! but it's super duper long coz it shows Chef Tan explaining the buffet from start to end at the buffet area! The buffet spread is wonderful, from Asian to Western, Desserts to making your own Caesar Salad using the Giant Parmesan bowl! I am so coming back for the food here as I only tried the Indian section of the buffet only (then I was really full! sob sob). 


  1. j3nny9irL : wow!!! I love your pictures Tammy!!! Aiyo can't wait lah!!! Slurp!!!

  2. wah..d last dessert pix is my masterpiece!!

  3. ice-cream covered with chocolate from fountain.. this one really irratating dessert lover..

  4. wah I bought 3 coupons already! but you are faster than me ! lol!

  5. can i know it is only valid for 1 coupon per table/bill?

  6. tammy... i also everyday supporter, next time bring me also ya!! :p

    This really the BEST DEAL in town!!!

  7. jenny: thank u!!!!! heheh i got more but..aiyh tired lah to upload all pics

  8. cai: hehehe it is!!! i forgot to take my photo


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