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Get A Life at KL Hilton's New Website!


 the sophisticated and urbanized event hall

I love love love Hilton KL! The place, the food, the suites, the amazingly nice pool, the list goes on why Hilton KL is on my to-stay-list for luxury hotels in Malaysia. I blogged about my dream stay last year and guess what, my BFF Buaya Wing is bringing me to stay with her for 1 night at the Grand Executive Suite inclusive of breakfast for two at HILTON KL! isn't this amazing? never thought it would be her bringing me!

Hilton KL's Website Launched at leveL7even!

How did she get the one night stay? well easy it's all thanks to the media launch of Hilton KL's new website called www.Life.HiltonKL.com! they have this awesome contest now where you can get a chance to win over RM5,000 worth of prizes from Hilton KL. Did I get your attention yet?

Yes to celebrate the launch of their new website (which I find naming it Life.HiltonKL is pretty cool! sounds very fun, lively and exciting) Hilton KL is giving away RM5,000 worth of fabulous prizes including the complimentary stay in the hotel's Grand Executive Suite and Deluxe Rooms, exclusive treatments at its high end spa and dining vouchers at some of its signature restaurants.

AND all you have to do is log on to www.life.hiltonkl.com answer 8 simple questions and complete a slogan! The contest starts from April 25th - May 31st, 2011 (this month).

friends I love and Me at the launch

Big thanks to Jaclyn & Jean from Hilton KL for inviting me to witness the launch of their new website at the glamorous and sophisticated urban multi-event venue called the leveL7even. I felt so out of place in this venue! *shy* but thank goodness I had my good pals with me that night. They all won something! (except me I didn't win the amazing prizes!) but no worries for us we still can join the contest at www.Life.HiltonKL.com and win some!

bars lounges restaurants read about it

events and activities highlight

food glorious food

 I really want to try their Spa!

Weddings at Hilton KL

The website is not only user friendly but it is packed with information about the hotel's latest news on food and beverages, culinary activities, exclusive hotel functions, behind the scenes scoop on special events, celebrity sightings, interviews with guests' chefs and much more. Don't just listen to me here.. you gotta check the site out (I wish my blog look like as interactive and cool like theirs!).

*photos courtesy of Hilton KL and Camie (coz I forgot to bring my camera that day sob sob)

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