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Yes all 5 of you are invited to this Saturday's Pedicure Party a.k.a Review Party! Please check your e-mail box which has my phone number! Do ask me anything if you're unsure of on this day. Wear comfortably (shorts with cute t-shirt or skirts?) so you can have your pedicure without worrying about the tight skinny jeans ^____^ See u all this Saturday! Don't FFK me!
Don't forget to bring your awesome camera! I have balloons for you girls to take back home and lil cute gifts prepared by moi. Take lotsa pics alright! you know do what bloggers do *winks*


  1. Ooh thanks Tammy. Can't wait ;)

  2. Hi girls, remember to wear slippers or sandals ya..the polish will take at least 1 hour to dry and even so it is not advisable to wear close-toes shoes immediately.. Looking forward to see you all.

  3. Thanks Tammy!!! Muaks!!! See you!!!


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