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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Party Moo Moo Me!


    Party Moo Moo Solaris Dutamas

    Call me crazy, I had several trips down Party Moo Moo for a month and with each trip, I bought party stuffs. I was already running out of balloon ideas (I mean with balloons for Buaya Wing's birthday, my company's 1st anniversary celebration, HRH Nail Studio's blogger's party and my very own blog birthday party) I just had to get something different for another party that I'm planning in August. I had my eye on the Garden Themed Party Decorations from the first day I went to Party Moo Moo, the shopaholic in me just wouldn't stay down. I think I bought over RM400 worth of Garden Themed Party Decorations already! Do you want to see what I bought? pics below!

    major party haul for a barbecue party in Aug

    matching paper plates and cups
    (rm14.90 plate set / rm12.90 cup set)

    cute party picks rm9.90 per set of 8 picks 

    set of 5 color garden lanterns rm45.90 

    big round lantern rm16.90 each 

    looks like this in assorted colors

    pennant banner rm19.90 4m long 

    cute flower candles set rm16.90 

    others table cover nappe 1.8x1.2m rm19.90
    set of 8 drinkable straws rm11.90
    set of 20 garden napkins rm14.90

    What do you think of my collection? This is my first time at setting up a themed party with matching "accessories". I can't wait to see how it looks when I set it up all! especially the lanterns that comes in this collection. I bought 5 big round lanterns (just need to stick a small candle in it) and 15 colored garden lanterns that uses tea candles (can get from Ikea). With the lanterns lighted, it's going to be an amazing Barbecue night.

    Shopaholic's Garden Party Must Haves
    Garden Party Table Cover 1.8x1.2m RM19.90 (yellow with white polkadots)
    Garden Drinking Straws 8pcs Set (with flower wheels) rm11.90
    Garden Napkins 20pcs 33x33cm rm14.90
    Garden Party Plates 8pcs (assorted colors) rm14.90
    Garden Party Cups 8pcs rm12.90
    Garden Party Candles 4pcs RM16.90
    Garden Party Picks 8pcs RM9.90 (with flower wheels)
    Garden Party Color Lantern Box 5pcs rm45.90
    Garden Lantern (round) 25cm RM16.90

    I bought these from www.partymoomoo.com


    1. Hey Tammy, wow thats a lot of balloons!!! I like the matching lanterns haha will people be going in matching clothes?

    2. Hahahah Diana.... i think.. the guests will run away if they need to dress up matching the theme!!! (very 70s with bright colors n polka dots)

      was thinking i just compile the balloons pic n show in my post.. but a bit lazy >_<!

    3. it's okay the decorations itself are already so memerizing $_$ and expensive! haha :D

    4. your blog is getting boring as day goes by....

    5. very cute collections! This gonna be happening.. ^_^

    6. waaa!!! Can't wait for the party!! I want to join can or not??? =)

    7. omg~tammy.....ok ask them wear polka dot tat day to match the theme.....ngek ngek ngek...

    8. Diana: I like the way u say it, mesmerizing and expensive!

    9. Anonymous: thanks for your comment :P

    10. cik chinta: comel kan! they got hello kitty and pirates party decor too! but.. i no kids..so those x suitable for me.. to beli

    11. Cath J: u never fail to leave a comment here! did u join the fish spa giveaway?

    12. e-cniret: eeee........ dun look a bit like.. circus meh T_T

    13. Glam Pink: I think u Ramadhan month cannot go lah :( even Wani rejected me coz it's Ramadhan month.

    14. Nice nice ~ need dress in fluffy dress and polka dot hair band ~ maybe some gloves and mary jane heels ~ pin up girl makeup and hair ~ gonna be super cam whore session with all these props eh

    15. Hi, i'm looking for

      30 units of Flower garden spinners/Flower wheels
      300 meters of mixed colour Pennant flash

      email me if you have it. Thanks!


    16. Hi Waimen,

      I'll fwd your email to Party Moo Moo for quotation?

    17. Wow,
      These are awesome. These all are looking so beautiful.

    18. Their passed hors d'oeuvres were wonderful. The bar service was delightful, something that's rare with an open bar. Their manager was helpful and accommodating without being pushy or obnoxious.

    19. I love these photos!! I believe venues benefit a lot to any event! I know VenueCenter has many beautiful venues in Dallas, Austin and Houston. http://venuecenter.com


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