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  • Marie France Bodyline Day 25 - NLT Anyone?


    Naturo Therapy Lipo-P (NLT)

    I have two more treatments before my 30 day slimming program ends at Marie France Bodyline! I wonder what else haven't I tried? They surely save the best for the last, well at least I think NLT is kinda cool! My first treatment was on VS3 using a infrared vacuum type machine to go deep into my fatty cells and break them. This time I'm given a machine type treatment but it's kinda weird!!! The treatment uses a ceramic like "slow cooker pot" looking thingy with Chinese characters on it (I think?). My therapist told me this is a really good treatment to do as it focuses on treating the tummy area. In short this is like a "tummy tuck" using massages and manual machine, total treatment time takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.  Below is the description of the treatment from Marie France Bodyline:

    improves your digestive system

    The combination of hard massage + manual machine lasted about 35minutes using infrared radiation. It's hot but not burning hot. The ceramic machine needs to be move constantly in circular movements around my tummy area with ginger oil. If the therapist stops, the machine will get hot. Starting from the center of my tummy, rotating to my waist. The therapist said this would improve my digestive tract, help improve bowel movements and disposal of manure, warms the skin and muscle tissue, improve blood circulation and metabolism, improved the disposal of body toxins, reduces aches pain, relieve stress and fatigue. Sounds so good right? definitely keeping the best of the best till nearly end of my program. Slimming ain't just about breaking fats, improving our digestive system and constipation while eliminating waste is just as important for our body.

    love your tummy, love your body

    After the ceramic machine massage, the therapist continue with tummy massage with ginger oil for me. It's uses hard pressure on specific points of the stomach for detoxification purposes. About 20mins, my tummy was pressed and massage. It wasn't painful and I was enjoying the tummy rub! just like old days when granny rubs my stomach with minyak angin. Therapist says it improves blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate toxins, improve energy flow and reduce flatulence. I fell asleep in a matter of minutes and when I woke up, it was tummy green tea masque time under infra red lights in another treatment room. Continuing sleep there ZzZzZzZz...

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