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Cres Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa 1st Trial Offer!


Cres Gardens Mid Valley

love the colors used in their interior

spa room in one of Cres outlets

A few days before I departed to Bali, I had the chance to experience Cres's latest body treatment called the Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa. The Fruitti Spa is formulated using botanical ingredients such as fruits and flowers, coupled with natural sea salt and yogurt. Those like myself who enjoys massages, spas and scrubs will find this a heavenly treat to indulge in. Here goes my experience :)

time to relax your mind, body and soul

As usual when I arrived at Cres, the friendly staffs greeted me with a smile. I was quickly ushered to the locker room where I locked up my personal belongings using the key bracelet given to me. I was asked if I needed to freshen up myself before my treatment start to which I promptly said yes! I don't want to stop my treatment midway because of toilet breaks you see. 

look at me smiling away waiting for my spa!

first body massage using essential oil

My treatment room is cosy with everything lined up ready for me. I changed into my disposable panties and my masseuse came in. My treatment started with a body massage to which I request for a just back massage, as my back was all tensed up. Vitamin rich aromatic botanical essential oil was used to massage my back. It was pure bliss. I dozed off after a few minutes. 

then yummy fruittilicious scrub

I awoke to find my masseuse all ready to scrub my body using fruits and flower enriched natural marine sea salt. The aromatic scent of fruit extracts and flowers provided me with the aromatherapy benefits I needed to de-stress and open up my senses. The scrub was also good for me explained my masseuse as it's full of vitamins and nutrients to nourish my skin making it smooth and baby soft. A luxurious fruitti body masque was applied all over me. To fully benefit from it, I was wrapped like a cocoon with heated blanket. I dozed off again with the sweet smelling scent of fruits and flower in the air.

lastly a fruitti bubble bath

I believe during this time, my masseuse secretly went off to prepare my fruitti bubble bath! It was the finale I was waiting for. I remember my friends told me that they don't have bath tub and if they got a chance to soak in one, it would be really awesome. I have a bath tub at home but Cres's spa tub area wins hands down with the lighting and heighten wooden tub floor. At the side of the bathtub, there's a tray of biscuits and hot drink. What could be more.... heavenly than a bubble bath with hot drink and biscuits waiting for me? 

life of a girl who enjoys spas

I spent a good 20mins soaking in the warm fruitti bubble bath. My skin was all glowing (dead skin cells removed yippee) and smooth to bits. I notice there's a Raspberry hand and body lotion placed on top of a towel prepared by my masseuse.  Smells darn nice I must say! quickly rubbing it all over me and I wish I could bring it back as well.

Rasberry Hand and Body Lotion 

promotions for this Fruitti Spa at Cres

When my treatment ended, I had a short talk with Plum (Cres Therapist) about the benefits of this Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa Treatment. She explained what the treatment is about and how it can help women have smoother and radiant skin. There's 5 results that the treatment gives:
  • Skin is visibly whiter and firmer
  • Flaws and bites mark are lighten
  • Dark skin tone is fairer
  • Skin is new, young and elastic
  • Skin is incredibly smooth and radiant
I enjoyed the spa treatment very much at Cres and I hope to return back here for a second round where this time I would just lay back and let the hours passed by. Stressed isn't something we should keep in us, it should be release :) Here's a short description on the Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa and what you will get when you purchase this treatment!

Anti Stress Back Massage
Using vitamin riched aromatic botanical essential oil, total relaxation of mind and body, stimulate detoxification through lymph nodes, increase blood circulation and de-stress the tensed muscle.

Fruitti Yogurt Masque
Contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. Rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make our skin smooth and hydrated. The lactid acid in the yoghurt is effective in reducing acne and tightening pores. Enriched with pure essential oil from jojoba for a more moisturized and smooth complexion.

Fruitti Scrub
Contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree. Rich in vitamin B, C and E, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells of the body, expose a layer of young skin cell fro a better absoption of vitamins, moisture and essence, leaving skin young, rejuvenated and baby-smooth.

Themal Blanket Heat Infusion
Promote a high infiltration of essence and nutrients into the epidermis layer by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation through heat.

Fruitti Bubble Bath
A lavish, long soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich in vitamins B, C and E to unleash all your tensed muscles and stressed mind. Contains fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems. Leaving skin ultra smooth, white, young and hydrated.


E-Voucher To Enjoy This Spa At Special Price!
(normal price RM300 2hrs)

Limited to the first 50 readers only! 1st Trial Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa @ RM78 and FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher. How to get this voucher? Just follow the steps below!
  1. CLICK HERE to comment on my shout out at CRES FB
  2. Leave a COMMENT saying you want to try this spa (you do not need to disclose your details)
  3. Cres FB will drop u a pm asking for your details (full name, contact number, e-mail address, and preferred outlet)
  4. E-VOUCHER will be sent.  Print out for redemption.
  5. Don't forget to make an appointment first before going!
Terms n Conditions for the e-voucher:
· Open for all aged 21 years old and above.
· Validity: One (1) month from the date of issue.
· Valid for 1st trial customer only.
· One (1) voucher is valid for one (1) redemption only.
· Only one (1 )redemption of discount voucher per person is allowed.
· This voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products, services or promotions.
· Please present voucher upon redemption.
· RM20 product voucher must be redeeming on the same day of visit. Valid for one (1) item per voucher.
· CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


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