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My BFF'S Samsung Galaxy SII


Buaya Wing Birthday Gift!

When my best friend Buaya Wing dropped her phone into the waterfall at The Banjaran Hotsprings (Ipoh) there was only one phone in her mind that she wanted to get and it wasn't the same phone I was using and convincing her to get. It was the Samsung Galaxy SII phone. She went on and on and on about it. There was no doubt this was the phone she wanted and her birthday was coming! With no time to lose and Samsung Galaxy SII being snagged up like hot cakes in winter, I started a birthday money collecting drive to get her the phone of her dreams. I seriously don't know anything about this phone so I asked her why she's so crazy about it. She told me a bunch of things, so I summarized it:
  • 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus
  • Dual Core Application Processor
  • 8.49mm Slim Design
  • Say N Go : Samsung Voice Solution
  • 8MP Camera with LED Flash
  • Social Media Hub
  • Samsung Live Panel
  • and many more click here to read

Voice Talk app - Similar to Siri

But among those, I think what was really interesting was the Say N Go (voice solution system). It was like futuristic betul when she showed me at a roadshow. She could use her voice to activate apps, send notes to friends, do scheduling (so she won't miss anymore appointments with me!) and sigh the more I say the more I am going to want this phone more. 

Lady doing manicure while on phone!

I manage to collect 66.66% cash from our circle of friends and families to give a big "angpow" to Buaya Wing for her birthday. She bought her dream phone on her credit card and posed with the "angpow" we gave her! *jealous*.  Now she better join Samsung Love Galaxy and become a die hard fan.

why he loves the phone

Seriously wishing it was my birthday instead. I could enjoy a massage while texting my BFF using my voice! Just imagine it, the smell of essential oil, my masseuse kneading the stress away from my back and it's soooo good that I have to voice text my bff n tell her how awesome it is? (show off as usual). 

Anyway sigh that's what I would do, what do you think u would do if u owned a Samsung Galaxy SII?


  1. ^___^ i love uuuu winggg

  2. lol..nice...i'm saving my money for this phone also...hopefully can buy one soon..haha..

  3. She is so lucky to have as her bff too!


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