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Cute Delectable Cupcake Trinkets


it comes with curvature chocolate buttons inside!

I bought 4 coupons from Delectable By Su's promotion with LivingSocial.com.my today. It's Su's idea to have her cute cupcake trinkets packaged and ribbon with two of her yummy chocolate truffles pops! Just the thought of owning one, no wait four of all her designs and getting those yummy chocolate truffles are killing me. Her delectable cupcakes was really popular with cute fondant characters like Gus, Jo, Lulu, and Teddy. Now they are immortalized on the cutest cupcake trinket box I have ever seen.

If you are a Delectable Fan like me who can't keep her mind off her cute cupcake trinkets then get them while it's hot! This delectable promotion is RM33, you get a cupcake trinket (choose 1 from 4 characters) and you also get to choose the chocolates inside! (strawberry, white lime, dark or milk chocolate) and two earl grey chocolate truffle pops.

Your girlfriends will go "AWWWWWW" when she receives this! Some ideas for your cupcake trinkets (after finishing the chocolates inside) can be used as:
  • keepsake box
  • jewelry box to keep rings/accessories
  • paper weight holder on your desk
  • paper clips keeper
  • spare coins keeper
  • hide keys inside
  • decorations on your make up table
I am getting 4 designs with total 8 chocolate truffles pops! (which can eat sendiri or bundle up as Valentine's chocolate gift for boyfriend to eat hehe).

photos credits:
Main Pic Delectable Su
Jeremy Teoh (photographer)

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