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I Want Rilakkuma Furry iPhone Casing!


 my first Rilakkuma casing looks like this
(RM25 from KK)

my 2nd Rilakkuma looks like this
(RM69 from MidValley)

now I'm looking for this!!!
(saw RM128 on facebook)

 My dream Rilakkuma iPhone casing would be the furry furry one u see here! I saw it on my Facebook news feed but forgotten who was selling it! I remembered the price was RM128 and the day I saw it was on Feb 2nd. A bit sad that I can't find the seller anymore. If anyone saw this or know who's selling please let me know!


  1. yea super cute leh i feel like wan one tooooooo! but how la so huge.. LOL

    1. huge is in!!!!!!!!! in trend now carry 3D phone n big big one... so this furry one sure killer!!!

  2. hey,

    i hope this help. =)


    1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!! if there's anymore sites u know pls tell me yeah!!! i just pm the seller for price

  3. no problem! ;D


    here is another one kekek.. =D

    1. this one much better page!! the same poster as the one i have in my post n rm80 only, gona drop a pm to the seller! thanks so much for helping. how did u search? i search google day n night can't find furry one

  4. hahah it was introduce by a friend of mine hehe =) no worries ya.. I'm glad to help.. =)

  5. I bought mine for RM 52 plus pos laju delivery, down side is i have to wait 1-2 weeks to get it ^_^;;


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