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My Body Shop Sensational Chocomania Valentine Photo!


we had fun posing with chocolates for this contest

Yesterday Buaya Wing came over late night, succumbing to my phone calls of asking her to do lesbian Valentine's photo with me. Yeah two really "young girls" trying to be really "cute" here. Don't laugh please! we got so many photos taken but this is the photo I love the most! Valentine's Day is not just about smooching with your boy toys but hey, it's about love and love is abundant around us.. our friends, our families... our pets... and even our precious precious beauty stash! haha. So... Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Spread the love, spread the joy.. spread the chocolate today all day long!


  1. hey tammy... lik the way u shoot the shower gel!! i love body shop shower gel too.. regret didnt buy when they offer buy 1 free 1!! I wont miss this time.. haha!! muacksss..


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