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Listerine 21 Days Challenge


what's so hard about doing this twice a day?

When I was still stuck working at livingsocial.com.my, I couldn't attend any events at all. Everyday was a busy day but no matter how busy it become I always brush my teeth with Colgate and freshen my breath using Listerine before I go to work. Why Listerine? besides the refreshing mouthful of mint and powerful germ killing mouthwash, Listerine has been in my family for a long time. I wonder what my dad will say if he sees this blog post. He doesn't know that I'm a blogger (long story) and I hope he doesn't know I'm posting funny pics of myself on instagram for the Listerine 21 Days Challenge (hahahahaha).

welcome to the Listerine 21 Days Challenge launch

the Cool Mint is the most refreshing!

purple Listerine, I have not tried that yet

which one is your favourite?

brushing alone is not enough to remove germs

Reason I'm posting pictures of myself using Listerine? well I just like having fun and I enjoy small things in life that makes me happy. I'm compiling my day 1 - day 21 photos of myself using Listerine for the Listerine 21 Days Challenge. What's that you ask? well it's a challenge launched by Listerine to encourage Malaysians to start gargling Listerine to keep their breath fresh and mouth clean from germs and plaque. Apparently there's only 20% Malaysians that practice clean dental hygiene. I find that hard to believe because I am user and antiseptic mouthwash is like the easiest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy! (like when you're too lazy to brush your teeth u can still just use Listerine!).

come join the 21 days challenge!

there's nothing to lose but bad breath!

wow that's hell a lot of Cool Mint bottles!

the Listerine 21 Days Challenge tv ad

local celebrities geared up to deliver the message
(and literally rode in sports car during the event)

You're not going to be alone in this challenge because 21 local celebrities like Awal Ashaari, Atilia, Dynas Mokhtar, Prem Shanker, Lawrence Wong, Scha Alyahya,  Serena C, Prem Shanker & Jay Menon will also be doing the mouth exercise twice a day to keep the germs away! Fancy seeing your fave celeb doing normal human activities like a normal human being huh? (wait they are human beings).

love the dress *snap snap*

watch the celebs in the Listerine tv ad

Wait is there a prize to win by joining this challenge? Yes fresh breath and healthy dental hygiene! but I bet Malaysians would love it if they could win a one-year supply of Listerine to bring home (delivered by a fave celeb in a sports car - is that too much?). After 21 days if you don't have improved oral health, just ask for your money back! (yes that's part of the challenge).
One of LISTERINE®’s brand promise is to effectively kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs that cause tooth decay, gum problems and bad breath for up to 12 hours. We hold so tightly to that promise that we’ve even offered a Money Back Guarantee* for those who tried LISTERINE® but are still not convinced! Offer only valid till 16th February so get a bottle today! - Listerine Malaysia Facebook.
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  1. it's soooooooooooooo minty strong! I wish they come up with strawberry

  2. is it spicy as tHe colgate one?o.O

  3. I totally love the first picture!


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