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Maxis iPhone 5 RM999


iPhone 5 "putih" for only RM999

I got my hands on the latest iPhone 5 from Maxis, One Utama today. Took me quite a while to decide if I needed one. My decision to purchased it was ultimately influenced by a sms that says I can buy the phone at RM999 as a Maxis One Club Member. I didn't even know there's such a thing until my fiance confirms it, otherwise it's a prank. However the RM999 applies to the iPhone 5 16GB with iValue 2 plan (RM155 monthly) for 2 years. The rate increases if you want 32GB or 64GB which I think is still reasonably priced considering I purchased my iPhone 4 at RM2290 under the same value plan.

Also another perk is Maxis is waived off the upfront deposit payment! which I think makes the deal even sweeter. My existing plan for iPhone 4 is not over but thanks to Maxis's "extension" programme, I'm able to continue my plan + 2 years. Now will you consider buying this too?

Click here for more information on the Maxis One Club iPhone 5 RM999. You can check your eligibility as well.

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  1. OMG! serious? ya, I can consider it but then 2 years contract is too long for me :(

    1. serious punya..they're also havin the same promo for samsung note 2

      i'm on this plan for some time so i just extend :O

      dapat 4G internet and 200 free sms n calls... okie...

  2. Wwow, iPhone 5 (RM155 monthly) for 2 years? As Deaf, I need to save more $$.. You are very active with social media and blogs! I love iPhone 5. Maybe I check on the Digi@ iPhone 5 first. >.<

    1. u can check digi first coz digi plans r probably cheaper..

      since i'm with maxis for a long time n i'm on the plan itself so it works for me

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