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VanityTrove Beautiful Surprises: Beauty Boxes


my first Beauty Box review

Beauty boxes has been a much gush about find that surprises its paying subscribers for the past year since their first debut in M'sia by fabulous finds (no longer in operation). Since then many more beauty boxes appeared and I have been rejecting to review them due to work related reasons. Until lately, I changed my mind and accepted a review invitation from VanityTrove to find out what everyone else is talking about.

look what the postman brought me? 

comes with a personalized note, I'm touched!

trial size products with brochures

and a Valentine's chocolates surprise!

While its one thing to pay to receive samples, the idea of being surprised by random beauty products in either sample, deluxe or trial sizes still manages to surprise us girls in more ways than one. Maybe it's our hormones. One could never explain why we love receiving goodies in personalized box, hand delivered to our doorsteps.

I guess being girls we just loved to be surprised regardless of what we get. I'm not being sarcastic here!

It's like Valentine's Day. We know its heavily commercialized but we still want to part of it. Whether it be chocolates, a handmade card or a flower. Our heart strings are pulled by the mere thoughts of receiving something random knowing we are loved, remembered or appreciated on this day.

And I guess there's where VanityTrove comes in. 1 beautiful surprise, many ways to enjoy it.

 how much to own your very ownVanity Trove?

For RM60 each month, a specially put together trove filled with latest and trendiest beauty treats hand-delivered to your doorstep for your enjoyment.

  • A treat to yourself because you deserve the pampering.
  • For a girlfriend because she turns another year older and more beautiful.
  • For a fantastic best friend, just because.
  • For your mom because she is special.
  • For your sister because she just got a promotion:

visit Vanity Trove to find out more

beautiful surprises anyone?

The wonderful ways of giving connects with us and I dare say it connects with the shopaholics mantra because there's are just the reasons why we continue to shop even if its on a rainy day.

Just because.

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  1. oh..mahal this beauty box

  2. Rm60 is a tad expensive for a beauty box filled with samples & deluxe sizes. Especially when there many other beauty boxes around with half the price. (Sorry Vanity Trove if u happen to read this. Its my honest, unpaid opinion and Miss Tammy is being very nice here. =)

    Nevertheless beauty box makes a perfect gift for your sisters or female friends. Its like the classier thank you note in a form of a box.

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  4. expensive..previously FF only charged rm35 for almost the same contains....n most of other box rates is 33 -38..

  5. Tell me bout it Tammy..I just love this beauty boxes around and mostly importantly the surprises that I get with them..You're right, girls just love surprises no matter how small or big it is :-)

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