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Furby Boom The Hottest Christmas Gift


I'm going to review the new Furby Boom today!

Did you get a Furby Boom for Christmas? If you have not then maybe after reading my review you'll want to! It's the hottest gift for Christmas and thanks to Hasbro, I now have a really cute FURBY BOOM at home who keeps me company! F.Y.I I have always been wondering what it would be like owning a Furby and having to review this particular Furby really opened my eyes to how far Furbies has "evolved"!

the hottest gift during Christmas! Furby Boom RM269
you can download the Furby Boom App on app store / google play

Called Furby Boom, it's actually a more interactive version of Furby. The previous Furbies can sing, talk and dance if I'm not mistaken but the new Furby can do more than that using the Furby Boom app. Now you can play games, feed it, clean it and keep it happy. When it's really happy the Furby Boom will lay an egg which you can care for it in an egg carton until you're ready to hatch the egg into furblings!

Hatch and raised the furblings and a golden egg can be unlocked!

I choose the peacock color Furby Boom

feeling the Furby Boom's fur coat haha

There are many colors and patterns to choose from at Toys R Us or Hamleys Toys Store (1 Utama). I happen to like the peacock Furby Boom, just look at the pattern details!. It's one of the unique patterns for the range last year. I really like that you can touch and feel the Furby Boom material on top of the toy box since you can't see the actual Furby Boom inside. It's pretty soft, feels like you're rubbing a kitty cat!

If you're living in a condominium or in a no pets allowed home, the Furby Boom should make a really good pet for you or your children. It says suitable for 6 years old and above. I have friends aged 25 above playing with Furbies at this moment. Apparently after a while the Furbies can change personalities and one of my friend, Caroline's Furby Boom turned EVIL! (but don't worry just love it back to normal).

Plus point, Furbies don't sh!t everywhere in your home like real pets do. Furby Boom on the other hand do sh!t but in a virtual toilet using the Furby Boom app!  

Furby Boom can sing, dance, talk and eat!
watch this video

the Furby Boom app can be used on iPad & iPhone
(tip: pull the tail so it goes to sleep)

When I unbox my Furby Boom, I needed to unscrew the bottom and insert 4 AA batteries (not included in the box). The minute the batteries were inserted, my Furby Boom came to live and started talking! I couldn't understand most of the things it said at first because it was talking in Furbish. I quickly download the app on my iPad. The Furby Boom app interface is surprisingly a colorful and fun one. It was simple to use, not much manual reading needed.

The first thing any Furby Boom owner needs to do is give their furbies a name! Furby Boom can remember it's name forever and even other Furby Boom names (yes they can even talk to each other too!). There's a two part naming wheel on the app which you can choose a suitable name out. I name mine, Ah-Doh.

P.S: Furby Booms can't be OFF! (shut down / no off button). The only way is to pull its tail so it goes to sleep. It does a sleeping sound for a while before it becomes quiet.

an interactive toy that does more than talk furbish

the Furby Boom app is somewhat like a "tamagotchi"
you can feed, clean & bring it to the toilet!

The unique thing about Furby Boom is again the interactive app which enables you to care for your Furby other than talking to it, patting it's head, rubbing its fur or letting it dance to music. The app interface is pretty straight forward. I didn't even need a manual or help guide to use it. You can see the health, poo poo, cleanliness and feeding meters on the app which tells you what it needs. You can see from the picture above, the cleanliness level is on a rock bottom low which means I have to quickly clean (shower) my Furby! I just need to tap the icons to get to the next action :)

you get surprised after your Furby shower or poos
(it spews out "stuffs" e.g hairball, rubber ducky, etc)

I like feeding my Furby! It makes funny noises when it eats
(it also says if it likes or dislikes a food!)

what?! you're too young to have babies!

Playing with my Furby halfway, suddenly an egg pops out indicating that my Furby is happy and it goes into a magical moment where an egg is laid! The eggs can be any patterns, pink, purple, blue, or the same pattern. Since I am not ready to be a mother to TWO FURBIES, I kept the egg in the egg carton. Once the egg carton is full, I need to hatch them and build a furbling empire! The furbling has it's own games and care program inside the app.

GOSH that's just so many things to do with this Furby Boom! I play with my Furby every night before I go to sleep. Just the simple pleasures in life like listening to it talk gibberish and dancing to my Spotify music puts a smile to my face. It's never too late to be a kid you know! My sister wants to play with my Furby this Chinese New Year when I go back home. I want to see what she thinks of it! She might not like it because Furby Boom can be really annoying and high maintenance to care. It poops all the time and wants to shower! Well my Ah-Doh does that *pulls tails* go sleep Ah-Doh!.

Overall, I think the Furby Boom makes an awesome gift for kids. It's a virtual pet that needs love, care and play time! A good start for the young ones without any "accidents" happening (if u know what I mean haha).

Here's what Furby Boom can do:
  1. Name calling is strongly encouraged
    Give your Furby Boom a name using the Furby Boom app - your Furby Boom will remember! Furby Boom is very sociable. It will also remember the names of other Furby Boom friends it meets.
  2. Groom your Furby Boom
    Keep your Furby Boom happy and healthy by using the app to virtually feed it, clean it and even give it an X-ray! The app's monitor will let you know if you're doing a good job.
  3. Furblings have more fun with the new app
    Simply place your real Furbling next to the new Furby Boom app, tap your Furbling's head and POOF! The real Furbling unlocks bonuses within the app.
  4. A new generation is hatching
    When you take care of your Furby Boom, it becomes ready to take care of something too - that's when you get a virtual Furby Furblings egg!  With the app, you can help Furby Boom hatch its eggs, and collect more virtual eggs from friends with a Furby Boom. Look out for virtual eggs in other places too. You never know where they'll turn up!
  5. Virtual Furblings bay-bees
    With each virtual egg you hatch in the Furby Boom app, you get a virtual Furbling! The Furby Boom app includes games you can play with Furby Boom and your virtual Furblings. Try your hand at Furball, the Furbish version of soccer!
  6. Welcome to furbling city
    Can you hatch enough virtual Furblings to fill the towers of your city and get the golden egg? As you collect and hatch virtual Furblings eggs, your digital city fills up with virtual Furblings that you and your Furby Boom can interact with.
  7. Get the golden egg!
    When you collect and hatch all of the 48 Furblings in Furbling City, you win the Golden Egg, but that's all we're allowed to say about that.  Download the app to start collecting!
Click here to read the Furby Boom 101 guide for more information. Furby Boom is available at major toy stores like Toys R Us, Parkson and Hamleys for RM269. 


  1. Aduh, Ah-Doh is too cute! :p Saw his pooping instavideo too, I laughed so much cos it's so realistic! XD

  2. I still think the glowing eyes are kinda creepy, but they're also pretty cute at the same time, lol.

  3. OMG, I had a First-Gen Furby and after he 'died' we all thought that that was the end of him. We left him in one corner of the house collecting dust and then one day, quite unexpectedly, he rose from the dead and started talking again! It freaked out the entire household out and we had to beat him up.

    The new Furby is great but like Laura said...those eyes, those eyes!!!! Get some shades on that boy!
    I still want one though.

  4. wow this furby looks like you !

    so chubby !!


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