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Learn & Have Fun With The New Magnolia Gotcha Safari


new Gotcha Safari in interesting flavors
and learning about safari animals

Magnolia dropped a box of their latest Magnolia Gotcha Safari at my home last month and when I opened it up, I found cute safari animals printed on the wrappers. The Gotcha Safari is the first ice cream concept of its kind that features animal prints on its ice cream and educational information on its packs. Consumers get to learn about the animal habitat and its characteristics, which is printed on the pack. The Gotcha Safari is available for sale in individual sticks of RM1.50 each and also in a variety pack of four with two Zebra and two Tiger variants in each pack, at RM5.80/pack.

received a box of 6 ice-creams to review

Being an ice-cream fan, I immediately attacked Tiger because of the strong tiger print color of orange and black. I didn't like it and threw it away because it was too creamy for my liking. A few days later, I attacked Zebra which was a  refreshing taste of Cola and Lemon-Lime sorbet. I realize there's Cola in it because I wolf it down so fast. Finally I attacked Leopard which was a blend of Orang and Grape sorbet forming the Leopard spots. Quite fun interesting flavors to taste! besides Tiger (not fun to eat).

If I have kids of my own, it'll definitely be fun unwrapping and learning about safari animals while we eat our nice cold refreshing ice-creams. I could quiz them before giving them to eat too HAHA.

Did you know?
Elephant spends more than 16 hours a day eating

see the pretty animal sprints on the ice-cream?

eat ice-cream & win prizes?! count me in!

To add to the fun, lucky consumers with a winning stick will also win prizes as stated on the stick. Attractive prizes such as iPad Air, iPod Shuffles and bicycles await winners. Contest starts in April and ends in June 2014. 

F&N Magnolia will also be going on a fun and educational roadshow nationwide to promote this newly launched ice cream. Visitors can look forward to freebies, balloons and also a photo opportunity with the Gotcha Safari Mascot at the roadshow. Apart from public roadshows, Kuntum magazine in collaboration with F&N Magnolia will be visiting 15 schools around Peninsular Malaysia to educate children about the amazing world of animals.

The Magnolia Gotcha Safari is available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, and even at your nearest grocery outlets.


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