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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Yogood Glow Cereal Bar Giveaway


    what's on my plate these days?

    These days I have been munching on a snack that's tasty and beneficial at the same time for me as a women. It keeps me from eating nasi lemak in the morning, gives me energy that would fuel my day. I usually don't eat cereal bars (also called breakfast bars) but when Yogood sent me a box of their latest and most innovative cereal bars called "Glow" I just had to try them.

    One bite and my heart belong to Yogood's soft and chewy, not hard and tooth breaking like other cereal bars that I have tried. I like the fruit bits in them and the yoghurt part was deliciously yummy too.

         each bar contains an average of 1g collagen

    Made from multigrain cereal flakes, fruit pieces, yoghurt coating and collage. The cereal bars are less than 100 calories per bar which makes it "girl friendly" lol. I can snack on it anytime of the day when I feel hungry without worrying about my weight. On top of it, there's collagen a bonus :D which people believe to improve your beauty - skin, hair, nails.

    unboxing the Yogood Glow Cereal Box

    The Yogood Glow bars comes in a box of 5 bars RRP for RM13/125g (5 X 25g). There's two flavors to choose from - Blueberry Pomegranate or Cranberry Peach. Price might differ depending on retailers. You can buy from BIG, Sogo, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Presto Mart, Ampang Grocer, Urban Fresh, AEON big, Giant, Cold Storage and Jusco stores.

    Ingredients: (contains beauty essences ingredients)
    Mutligrain flakes, yoghurt powder from skimmed milk 10%, collagen peptides from beef 4.5% palm fat

    giveaway starts from now until 14th June, 2014

    I am going to let you be the judge of the taste in my latest giveaway sponsored by Yogood (Pristine Cereals). I have 18 boxes of Glow to give out. Each winner will be receiving 2 boxes so they can taste both flavors!. My favorite flavor is Cranberry Peach, it's not as sweet as Blueberry Pomegranate (too sweet!). I like licking the yoghurt away first before I finish everything.

    To enter just leave a comment on why you want to taste test Yogood's latest cereal bar Glow. Be sure to also provide the following details:

    Follower Id: (please follow my blog if you haven't!)
    Question: Tell me why you want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars ^_^

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    1. Name: Marsya
      Follower Id: Marsya Jauzi
      E-mail: marsyajauzi98@hotmail.com
      Question: Why? Because I'm a fan of them and surprised that these new one are comin'! It's kind off hard to find them at my place >< I'm also a fitness craze and Yogood is one of the alternatives way to fill up the hungry stomach :)

      1. wow that's super fast of you... I just publish my blog just now!

    2. Name: Eunice Tham
      Follower Id: eunice_ssi
      E-mail: eunice_ssi@yahoo.com.sg
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I want to literally GLOW without worrying about gaining extra calories! Hehe :) Thank you Tammy for the giveaway!

    3. Name: Elizabeth Toh
      Follower id: Cleffairy
      Email: admin@cleffairy.com
      I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I don't really shine and glow anymore since I gave birth to my son. I think I desperately need some radiance before I start to fade and be invisible.

    4. Name:syuhada salleh
      Follower Id: siti_syhd
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because i love healthy food and I want glowing skin too ^____^

    5. Name: Arisa Chow
      Follower Id: Arisa Chow
      E-mail: arisa1443@gmail.com
      Question:as they say beauty comes from within, consuming healthy muesli bars helps me keep my weight in check and an added bonus now since it comes with collagen.

    6. Name: Wong Shue Voon
      Follower Id: Ivanashuevoon Wong
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I want to have good skin, healthy nails and hair. I hope it can be part of my healthy diet to ease bowel movement too =X

    7. Name: kayi leong
      Follower id: Lky Ky
      Email: lky1900@yahoo.com
      I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because i want to keep healthy and skin growing at the same time .

    8. Name: Alicia Leong
      Follower Id: Alicia.L (Ally)
      E-mail: sinyee.alicia0810@gmail.com
      Question: I always not a morning person and always skip breakfast but recently I can sense the negative effect of it..*sigh~ So I need something fast to grab and munch while I'm on my way to class! Tried Yogoo cereal bar before and it taste so yummy! Would like to try out their new flavours also :D

    9. Name: Nikki Ooi
      Follower Id: Abby
      E-mail: reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com
      Question: I don't like eating too much for breakfast but know that I should have something light and healthy. Am also trying to lose some weight so this would be a good opportunity to try something with so many health benefits that actually tastes good.

      Thanks for the lovely (and tasty) giveaway Tammy!

    10. Name: NUR SYAFIQAH
      Follower Id: SYAFIQAH RUSLI
      E-mail: eiqabutterfly@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars for I'm certain that it's delish. Being a busy person as I am, I'm often forgets the important meal of the day and not forgetting missing out on taking supplement for my skin. Having this would change my life aside from being healthy, I get to be beautiful, gorgeous and glowing. Tell me who wouldn't want taht? Plus, awesome smell and taste of this bar is a great point for me that hates consuming yucky supplement stuff...

    11. Name: Myriam Bén Nsir
      Follower Id: myriam bén nsir
      E-mail: pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr
      Question: they look really good and healthy :D

    12. Name: Khor Wei Ying
      Follower Id: weiying
      E-mail: weiying326@hotmail.com
      I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because they look really nutritious and yummy~~ I would love to have some collagen by not having to eat any meat which will make me fat later =)

    13. Name: Joan Luvfeelin
      Follower: ID Joan Luvfeelin
      Email: joan@luvfeelin.com
      I love it as for the first bite especially I always homemade healthy salad for my lunch pack recently to go for healthy lifestyle. These cereal will definitely the ideal snack for my diet plan!

    14. Name: Jessica Lew
      Follower Id: animeearth
      E-mail: anime_earth@hotmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because You make it sound so GOOD that I juz need to win this to taste for myself!

    15. Name: Anis Farhana Aliman
      Follower Id: anis_farhana
      E-mail: anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try it simply because of all the blog posts reviewing this product! So tempting. And if its good to my tastebuds, I might make them my routine breakfast bar. Haha

    16. Name: Tan Jia Yeen
      Follower Id: Jiayeen
      Email: jiayeen@hotmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because the most important meal in a day is Breakfast and of course, I want to have healthy skin along with healthy body so that I can enjoy my life without any obstacles. Life is too short to be wasted and energy can be fully-replenish with the delicious Yogood Glow Cereal Bars.

    17. Name: Mieza Everdeen
      Follower Id: Mieza Everdeen
      E-mail: trisy7@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I love healthy snacks and I believe that Yogood Glow Cereal Bars is the saviour to my tummy whenever I feel hungry but too busy to stop for lunch, hehe!

    18. Name: Kien Mei
      Follower Id: J-Mei
      Answer: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because it can be my snack when I am hungry especially before lunch and during tea time. It also very convenience for me to bring it in my bag so I can eat it whatever I feel hungry and share with friends.

    19. Name: SERAH LIM
      Follower Id: SERAH LIM
      E-mail: serah.lim91@gmail.com
      Question: Why I want to win them good delish bars? I am on my quest to get healthier and fitter. I am also making sure that I have frequent small meals rather than large bulky meals. Having these bars would be part of my small frequent meals =)

      Follower Id: nanadhoi
      E-mail: nadzainuddin@gmail.com
      Answer: I've been burning the midnight oil lately to do my final year project for this semester. When doing the thinking process, I tend to feel hungry and the temperature of the library which is really cold make me feel hungrier. When I'm hungry, always, my stomach will growl, and make me feel embarrassed at the same time (because I'm the fact that I'm in the library). To avoid that I eat junk food, a lot, in order to satisfy my hunger. I need this yogood glow in order to stay healthy and not become overweight by the time I finish this semester. Perhaps, help improve my skin condition too.


    21. Name: Myriam Bén Nsir
      Follower Id: myriam bén nsir
      E-mail: pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr
      Question: i've never tried it before :)

    22. Name: Princess Neverland
      Follower Id: Princess Neverland
      E-mail: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
      Question: Because it looks yummy and I have never tried it before!

    23. Name: Aik Yin Chien
      Follower Id: Aik
      E-mail: aikychien@yahoo.com
      Question: I've heard so much about Yogood, but haven't had the chance to try anything yet! :)

    24. Name: Amalina
      Follower Id: 1653
      E-mail: amalinanadri92@gmail.com
      Question: i really want to try yogood bcs i had read many good review abt this product. been loving it so much when i got my first time from goodies bag fund raiser walk. it taste nicely.

      but i would be happy if i can share the cereal to my family and also friends :))

    25. Name: Arpita Kaur Bajaj
      Follower Id: Arpita Bajaj
      E-mail: pitaforpitaism@gmail.com
      Question: The need for collagen has hit me hard and I like that these are infused with the good stuff! If you need to stay young, it helps to be able to eat your way to youth!

    26. Name: Hazlina Shaik
      Follower Id:taysir
      Email:taysir17 at yahoo dot com

      Question:I teach and do research for long hours on end as a lecturer.I would love something handy,healthy and tasty to fill me up in between!

    27. Name: Myriam Bén Nsir
      Follower Id: myriam bén nsir
      E-mail: pouci_bnncir@yahoo.fr
      Question: cause i never had these before !!! :)

    28. Name: Mocchi Tan
      Follower Id: Amelea Mocchi
      E-mail: mocchitan@gmail.com
      Question: Recently I received a job challenge to gain at least 2 abs in one month. A proper diet plan is very important in this critical one month. Cereal bar would be a great tea-time snack when I feel hungry.

    29. Name: Ivy Khaw
      Follower Id: Ivy K.
      E-mail: ivykhaw@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars to give myself no excuse in pursuing beauty and health. I am also looking forward to proving that healthy food does not need to taste blend or awful! :)

    30. u banyak follwer mah..that's why fast loh

    31. Name: Jean
      Follower Id: jean
      E-mail: jean@love.com
      Answer: I love Yogood muesli product but I never try their cereal bar yet, so I wanna try!
      (long time never come comment on your post but once comment is joining giveaway pula, hahaha..)

    32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    33. Name: Kylie
      Follower Id: prince n princess mum
      E-mail: cre8tone@yahoo.com
      Question: I always need to wake up very early for preparing breakfast. With Yogood muesli product, I can have more time for my beauty sleep plus healthy breakfast! Super cool!

    34. Name: Diana Siew
      Follower Id: trendydiana
      E-mail: trendydiana@yahoo.com
      Answer: I am cereal bar lover but i never try this brand Yogood before. so i wish to try it. yummy :>

    35. Name: Rebecca Wong
      Follower Id: Rebecca Wong
      E-mail: rebecca.wong.ying@gmail.com
      Answer: I don't get to eat my meal on time, especially dinner, because I have to drive my mom from her office daily. By the time we got back, will be way pass dinner hours. With Yogood muesli products, I'm able to eat it on the go and avoid getting low blood sugar due to hunger.

    36. Name: Ding Ding Ding
      Follower Id: Ding Ding Ding
      E-mail: cece.sinteng@hotmail.co.uk
      Answer: I tend to skip meal when I have class to attend. With Yogood bar, I can get enough nutrients in easy way.
      Thanks for giveaway!

    37. Name; Sherry
      follower id: Sherry
      email: sherrygo@hotmail.com
      Answer: I want try them because they are yummy after I tried them for the first time, they are so easy to carry around anywhere I go. I can just take one and have a bite! They are less sweet then other brand which I tried. When think of travel, I think of yogood glow cereal bar.

    38. Name: Jane Chua
      Follower Id: 5 Little AngelsI
      E-mail: janechua18@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I want to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating Yogood Glow Cereal Bars definitely will made me healthy always and I can have it anytime, any day and anywhere that I want

    39. Name: JJSee
      Follower Id: JayJaysee
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because both yogurt and cereal are my favorite food. I never thought both of them can be mixed up and turn into yummy snack. Especially, I can't wait no more to try out with the 2 flavors I love so much, blueberry and peach. I'm really their super fan!

    40. Name; Munira Mansor
      follower id: Dunker5
      email: munmansor@gmail.com
      Answer: I want try them because ahem, i need to control my diet (food intake) - I always eat more (just cannot stop eating!) and ok i have weak willpower. So Yogood is the perfect food, handy at all times, enough to fill my tummy but low in calories. so cool!

    41. Name: May Lee
      Follower Id: S.May
      E-mail: smay@hotmail.my
      Question: I wanna try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because i've tried before their granola and muesli bars but never the glow cereal bars! i love love their chocolate drizzle granola bars because it's super duper yummy! i believe this glow cereal bar is newly launched in the market? i've not seen it before tho. to think that it has collagen inside! omg! that's like killing 2 birds with 1 stone! the packaging looks different too, oh-so-feminine and girlish~ i think this newly launched products are targeted at women in the market, with the low calories as well! woots! i wanna try this! can bring it to my office and quell my hunger pangs instead of eating curry puff for teatime :p

    42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    43. Name: Songling Low
      Follower Id: nlngstar
      E-mail: nlngstar@yahoo.com
      Question: I wanna try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I'm currently on dieting programme, so after hit to the gym, snacking this should be awesome, low calories with beauty benefit, the collagen... wink wink. Next, filling my stomach with a nutritious food is certainly better than eating junk food with lots of fats and carb. Yogood cereal is amazing, so I assume the newly release Yogood Glow Cereal Bars tastes great as well.

    44. Name:Tengku Norliza
      Follower Id:shyza82
      Question: I wanna try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I wanted to know if it is healthy and able to give me energy during fasting(puasa in ramadhan) and my pregnancy.if yes, it will be my daily food for the month of Ramadan later :)

    45. Name: Nur Aslina
      Follower Id: Mdmkillemall
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars simply because im addicted to energy bars specially New Addition!

    46. Name: Wong Zhi Xin
      Follower Id: Xin Sheng Huo
      E-mail: zhixin95@hotmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because I'm just fall in love with those cereal bars after I tried it during The Butterfly's Walkathon and I can't forget the yummy taste and I wish to have more and more~~~

    47. Name: Irene Wong
      Follower Id: irene
      E-mail: irene_wsk1988@yahoo.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because
      healthy food perfectly kickstart our day,
      keep heart diseases and bad cholesterol at bay,
      provides wholesome nutrients in a balanced way,
      absolutely delicious I'd say.

    48. Name: Wong Ming Min
      Follower Id: MING MIN WONG
      E-mail: wongmingmin@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because it starts my day with Power! Delicious, wholesome cereal bars that provides me lasting energy all morning and optimum nutrition with rich source of essential vitamins.

    49. Name: Yong Sin Yee
      Follower Id: Sin Yee
      Question: Simple enough, I love snack. Always craving for something to bite in office. Too much sweets consumed, would like to try something new. =D

    50. Name: Suquan
      Follower Id:suquan susu
      E-mail: suquankon@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars bcause it comes with tad sourish taste which makes me feel awake yet full when i am craving for something in the office. sigh when OL are free in the office after lunch, they feel sleepy and hungry. Yoggod Glow Cereal Bars can help to make me feel full and refreshing!

    51. Name: Alisha Melissa Mah
      Follower Id: Melissa Mah
      E-mail: melissamah@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because for once i never heard of a Cereal Bar with yoghurt and collagen in it. Plus handling two kids sometimes makes me take my breakfast a little late than i should be. So having this cereal bar will definitely suffice me for a while, while handling my two kids.

    52. Name: NOOR ATIQAH
      Follower Id: MISS IKA
      E-mail: ikathequeen@yahoo.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars as it good for my health, I currently on diet as Hari Raya is coming . I want to look gorgeous on that day, Yogood Glow Cereal Bars will give me enough energy and a good snack for my balance diet. I want GLOW on the Hari Raya and fell GOOD.

    53. Name: pooi yee
      Follower Id: yee
      E-mail: ellporgie@gmail.com
      Question: I want to try Yogood Glow Cereal Bars because for the sake of my health. I really want to have a healthy diet for my breakfast instead of the usual nasi lemak and i wanted to give this to my kids to try as well.This cereal bar is going to give me energy and more nutrition in my body.


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