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  • Shizens Time Resistance Essence Review


    looking for a skin plumper that firms & hydrates?

    Recently a brand has a revamped from blah to wah or at least that's what I notice. The brand I'm talking about is Shizens. I have never paid much attention to this brand until now. Their popular product (the only one I could associate them with) is the eye charm. It's a eye makeup that lengthens your lashes using fibers enriched with Panthenol (Pro vitamin B5). I also realize this is a Malaysian brand that has expanded regionally. Not bad eh? Go Malaysia!

    their popular eye charm that extends lashes like mad

    The brand pretty much believes in enhancing your natural beauty and not covering it up with layers of make up. I I'm liking this brand already for being pro natural beauty. I particularly would like to get my hands on the amazing SHUI perfect water that I have been hearing about.

    the pr event with media, bloggers & celebrities

    a glimpse of the press launch :)

    Anyway I accepted their invitation in March to attend a preview of their all new Time Resistance Essence product designed to keep a women's beauty in check confidently. The product's main function is to firm your skin while keeping it hydrated and protected. The press event was held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club. It was more of a luncheon, quite "atas" I might say to match the branding of this product.

    how the decrease of ceramide level affects our skin
    source: https://rosette.jp/u/medical/talk/fig05.gif

    Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules. A ceramide is composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid. Ceramides are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells - wikipedia

    I can say this is pretty much a moisturizing serum that nourishes, brightens (not whitening, more of not looking like an undead) while the barrier protects and firms the user's skin thanks to the key ingredient Ceramide. Ceramide plays an essential role in our skin, forming a barrier to protect the skin from environmental attacks such as sun, pollutants, harmful free radicals (just think of it as a shield). As we age, we notice our skin becoming duller, dryer or less firmer. Skin also becomes more sensitive - itch, dryness, peeling, flakiness. Ceramide helps to restore healthy and beautiful skin back to us.

     I'm been using this for a month
    luxury packaging with gold cap & lovely pearl body

    cloudy in color, watery & fast absorbing
    • Nourishing
      Time Resistance Essence nourishes skin with precisely selected ingredients such as Ceramide(plant-derived lipids), Kalanchoe Spathulata extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and others that synergize perfectly with each other to hold skin cells together and rebuild the skin barrier, while hindering the growof harmful free radicals to decelerate skin aging.

    • Firming
      Time Resistance Essence strengthens existing Ceramides levels and stimulates regeneration for firmer and smoother skin. It helps to maintain high levels of Ceramides in the stratum corneum, thus restoring the barrier function that protects the skin from external harmful agents such as environmental pollution, UV rays, dust and others.

    • Moisturizing
      With the presence of Sodium Hyaluronate, Time Resistance Essence is able to boost up the water levels in the skin, ensuring it stays moist and hydrated all day long.

    • Brightening
      Ceramide plays an important role in Time Resistance Essence. It seals the damaged skin barrier in order to hold sufficient moisture level in skin. Time Resistance Essence boost up the moisture level in skin, thus the brightening effect take place.
    We know when our skin is properly hydrated and protected, good things are to be expected. I been using this product for a month (daily morning and before sleep) and this is what I observed:

    1. Plumper skin
    2. Brightens (thus looking healthier)
    3. Firmer skin

    Note: My skin is generally good thanks to skincare so I am not going to claim some miraculous differences like I have never used skin care before. I don't feel there's a need for a before and after photograph as well because the difference is not significant for me. Results varies depending on the user so this may be a miracle serum for others while it may not be mine. Don't listen to me, listen to the testimonials in this video who used the product too.

    Aunnie shares her Time Resistance Essence testimonial

    What I love about this?
    My honest thoughts? It's not bad of a product and there are certain merits to take into consideration. 
    1. I have sensitive skin so this product work wonders in not pissing my skin off. It's actually watery and very absorbent once I lightly massage it on my skin.
    2. Lovely texture, not sticky or oily. It's watery and feels like second skin once it's absorbed. Very nice.
    3. It has fragrance (parfum) but not overpowering. It smells light, like the usual essence scent. 
    4.  It moisturizes and plumps my skin! So imagine a dry up prune becoming healthy again. That's how I feel :)
    5. It's made of glass! Even the dropper is made of glass. Now that's quality packaging.

    What I don't love about it?
    Not everything is perfect right? Let's see what could be improve from here.
    1. The price RM618/30ml. Sorry I got to be honest here. It's not something I will buy without trying. I think this product might appeal to more mature ladies who wants to boost ceramide levels in their skin. Great for Mother's Day I say.
    2. The dropper doesn't seem to be working well but still usable. I'm just wishing it would suck up properly. Now that sounds so wrong.
    3. I think the bottle is boring, sorry Shizens. It's just luxuriously boring. Maybe I'm just different.
    free 7-days samples for shoppers!

    Time Resistance Essence will be available at all Shizens counters nationwide on 2nd May 2014, retailing at RM618 / 30ml. Starting from , shoppers can redeem the 7 days trial for Time Resistance Essence in 2 ways - by filling up this form here to redeem at Shizens outlet near you click here for outlet locations  or by showing up with the invitation from Female and Nuyou Magazine at the roadshows below:

    30 April – 4 May
    1 Utama, Ground Floor (opposite information counter)
     Berjaya Time Square, Ground East
    Mid Valley North Court
    The Curve (opposite information counter)

    I'll be voting for my friend Celeste Choo (the last b/w pic)!!!

    If you're visiting the roadshows, be sure to look out for the finalists for the Shizens Stand Firm Stay Firm photography contest that I posted last month. You can vote for your favorite and be in the rinning to win prizes worth RM1,600 (which includes a 2D1N Stay at The Shorea!) here www.standfirmstayfirm.com.

    For more information and updates from Shizens:


    1. Oooo they'll be having a roadshow at MV soon. Can go kaypoh ;-)

      1. Don't forget to register at shizens.com for the 7-days trial sample. I see some readers already redeemed and it's not sachets!

    2. Replies
      1. anti-aging range costs more than basic and whitening range for skincare but this takes the cake and propelled them to luxury standard

    3. Hey, Miss Tammy

      Just some quick questions:

      7-days trial consist of how many ml?
      When is the validity of the sample giveaway?
      Is this product suitable for women age 60+ ?

      Thanks for this very informative blog. I love it!


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