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    now you can pee anywhere (well no lah)

    Congratulations to the 10 readers who participated in my GoGirl Giveaway last month!. I have received your details but still waiting for 3 more readers to revert back with their mailing details - name, contact, email and address. Please do email me soon :) If I do not receive your email by 23rd May, 2014 your prize will be forfeited!. Here's what the 10 readers say about why they want to try GoGirl out.

    Miss Irean
    I think this product is really cool! I would try GoGirl because I always 'tahan' my pee which is quite sick...if I can't I'll just put lots of tissue around the toilet seat, take a deep breath and leave few cm distance to pee! It is really suffering man! Why do we girls have to went through this oh gosh

    I think it's time for Malaysian girl to use this seriously! This is our hero T.T I am sure that Malaysian girl do care about our personal hygiene as well as using the public washroom so I think this really comes in handy! One more thing the design looks unique and secure too haha! Please do welcome this invention ohoho~

    Emily Tang
    done all. I need it too. I will be travelling around now and I want this so much as I'm quite germs phobia  hiak hiak hiak...I want to pee like a man too ^^

    Jia Hui
    Woahhhhh I've never thought that this was actually possible!!!!I've always wanted to do so coz of the gross toilet loo almost everywhere in Malaysia. It sounded impossible until gogirl is invented!! Wtf wei this invention is just too cool and boys would probably be jealous of girls as we can now stand, sit or squat to pee. Hehe. Beat that boys! I know Malaysian girls will be willing to try it when more malaysian girls talk about it openly and prove that they're really useful! Eh hello!!! not needing to sit on so called "other people butts warmth" and the yucky germs, it's just far too worth it!! :D

    S May Lee
    I read from the website that this product is also disposable, hence that ONE tissue? But it would be a waste to use it once and throw away! LOL! When I first heard of GoGirl (in your fb post :p) I was intrigued and went researched on its main web. Actually til now I don't really understand how to use it when you're outdoors. Do you need to put a plastic bag at the bottom to collect the urine? Or you just let it flow to the ground? Would the urine get sprayed to your legs? In the website it is stated that you can unzip your pants and use GoGirl without taking your trousers off. Hmm...Oh well, I would have to use it to find out! Teehee! As for whether Malaysian girls are open to using GoGirl, I think it would most suits those outdoorsy kinda girls and they would need it when there are no readily available toilets. But IMHO, I think most Malaysian girls would still need some time to get used to this concept as I wouldn't say it's a necessity tho :)

    Wei Ying
    I think that the GoGirl is a great concept! Actually I have heard about this concept b4 about girls peeing by standing..I think it was through the newspapers, and at that time many people were against it about things like looking low on girls..something like that. Anyway, actually I was hoping if the concept could be real! It is really convenient and if possible, I would definitely get one! If you go to public toilets, you would find the "brownies" on the toilet bowls. Especially for me in my hometown, the toilet bowls are totally hopeless...the first impression I always get when looking at the toilet bowls would be "Disgusting!" So, I always have to do like a half squad to pee which is actually ridiculous..So, I would definitely use this as it is really really really convenient! Who knows when will you have those really emergency pee problems and the toilet is too nasty to pee in comfort?

    For answering your second question..I think Malaysians will be open enough to try it. Why? Coz for me, this thing is really personal. Actually when you use it, nobody will know about it, unless you really blog it out or Tweet it or even state it on ur Facebook status. And also if someone actually sees u washing it at the toilet sink. GoGirl is a really nice concept and for me as a Malaysian, I am one of them who would willingly and openly try it out! There's nothing to be ashamed about, we are who we are and it just proves us Girls to be brilliant enough to even think about GoGirl~ =P

    I had been waiting for someone to bring one of these in (for way too long now) - would be great for the portaloos at outdoor festivals, or (if desperate) stanky ass toilets in gas stations or if worse come to worst, along the side of the road O_o People would try it if not to have their butt cheeks touch toilet seats of questionable cleanliness and don't want to get bimples (butt pimples)...

    Arriw Ow
    As a lady in her 26th week of pregnancy, I think GoGirl is an absolutely brilliant idea. All my life I've been using the toilets that required you to squat down and it has been a struggle for me to get up every single time as the baby gets bigger and bigger. There's been a few times where I almost fell down just trying to stand up and sometimes I even have to yell at my husband to rescue me! I hate going to the toilet these days so I would end up holding my pee but it only lasted for awhile as my baby thinks my bladder is his punching bag. With GoGirl I would no longer have to dread going to the frequent toilet trips. Furthermore I believe it's way more hygienic as I've gotten awful urinary tract infections in the past for using public toilets. I believe it would sell like hot cakes in Malaysia, especially for pregnant ladies.

    Carinn Tan
    Hi Tammy! Travelling up and down KL-JB frequently can be tiring, and it's even more sickening when you have to hold in your pee for 3-4 hours each journey! As a child, my brother would be able to just settle his "business" in a bottle in the car but we girls just can't do that! GoGirl is a GENIUS invention and has benefited countless girls everywhere. I strongly believe that women are capable of doing what a man does and this is the epitome of that belief! Malaysian girls are starting to open up and be more independent, so I don't see a reason why girls wouldn't want to try this in Malaysia :) Just look at the comments above mine and you can see the proof! XD

    Grace Myu
    In my opinion, the majority will find it difficult to cough out that amount of money for a "disposable/portable toilet". but hey, for rave goers like me, i'll def appreciate not sitting on the toilet bowl for once. and to h*ll with those who squats on the toilet bowl! sigh.

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    1. What? Oh my goodness thank you Tammy T-T You save my life, now I can pee like a man weee~ hahaha!

    2. i got my go-girl~ thanks tammy :D


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