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10 Things About Hipsters


I just discovered my style has a name

I have a certain sense of fashion style that most would go =_= (the f face look). This started ever since the coming of age. I never could blend well with my peers, wearing all girly girl dresses, fashion trends and dolling up. I prefer baggy clothes, hoodies, cardigans, jeans, tops, vintage shirts, anything with fake curs, sunglasses with great hair, hats, beanies, a messenger or sling bag. My choice of colours? Always black and neutrals. My make up choice? Natural, minimalist, bare beauty. My hair? there's always a hint of mess. Call me the unconventional beauty.

black nails, dark messy hair, the must have sunglasses
(Toh Soon Cafe has awesome kopi ais thx to Orked 4 takin me here)

Not conforming to the norm of fashion, I wander around for years figuring out what kind of nonsense fashion sense I have. I asked around, I google and I just figure maybe I have the Olsen twins fashion sense. Turns out, after much reading that I fit into the "hipster" category where unconventional beauty is beauty to us. Happy that I found what I am, I'm not going to hold back anymore. This year, you're going to see the real me.

Being a hipster isn't just about dressing the part. It's an organic, androgynous, exclusive way of living. That includes everything from your hair to the books won't stop talking about. Here is how to be the quintessential hipster girl ...not that you need that label - wikihow.

macam macam ada, hipsters make it their own style
(this is in Chulia Street, Penang)

If you're like me, lost and wondering why you don't fit into the conventional fashion trend, then see if you're a hipster who has her own fashion sense that nobody understands. We may dress down, dress up but there's always something off that we place because we're the rebellious individuals with no sense of fashion, and that's fashion.

1. Hair
Long Straight/Wavy hair or androgynous cuts are the most common. Side Swept bangs are a must. It is common to leave your hair down in a messy “just woke up” style or throw it into a messy bun. Washing your hair everyday isn’t necessary. Plato didn’t wash his hair everyday.

2. Nails
Don't follow mainstream nail fashion. While nail companies try to parade women around as Barbies, hipsters reject the norm and instead wear dark or patterned nail polish.

3. Make Up
Why are women encouraged to wear make-up, but men aren’t? Hipsters wear minimal make up, if any at all, as a way to reject this misogynistic mentality. Red lipstick is always appropriate though.

4. Working Out?
Hipsters don’t believe in the athletic ideal. Instead, they spend their time discussing ideas, philosophy and animal cruelty. Thus, Hipsters have a body fat in the single digits. That comes from drinking fair trade coffee and eating organic vegetables. It makes sense though…they are vegetarian or vegan.

5. Tattoos
 Getting some ink is a creative expression of one’s self. Don't get tattoos on a whim.

6. Reject Mainstream Fashion
Hipsters would never shop at Macy’s, Nordstrom, American Eagle or Abercrombie. Hipsters shop at the Salvation Army, thrift stores, second-hand stores, Urban Outfitters(if you want to cheat at 'style')and American Apparel. They even follow their own fashion rules.

7. Unconventional Fashion Pieces
If an article of clothing has 2 or more of these fashion buzz words, buy it immediately. Terms include: Studded, Acid Washed, Cut-outs, Cut offs, Oversized, Vintage, Leather, ”Boyfriend” Style, Abstract, Patchwork, Fringe, Cropped, Ripped, Lace-up, Faded, and Suede.
8. Tops
Invest in flannel button-ups, shirt with obscure bands titles(only if you actually listen to band), vintage/throw back collared shirts, ironic “Cosby” sweaters, Cut up shirts, crop tops, oversized t-shirts, over-sized cardigans, vintage blazers, American Apparel zip up hoodies, vests, and of course, ponchos.

9. Accessorised
Don’t look like you are putting too much effort into the way you look. You want to have just enough to pull together your outfit without looking like you wasted your morning getting dressed when you could have been reading Kant. Some accessories include: headbands, bandanas, scarves, Ray-Bans, faux fur hats, lumberjack hats, and handmade bracelets.

10. Bags
Bags are great for storing your books, vinyl records and camera. Some great bag ideas include messenger bags, vintage shoulder bags and cross-body bags.

source: http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Hipster-Girl

I'm crazy about this look, look at the bulus!

what kind of hipster are you?

casual but sexy cool, I really adore this look
(I'm not inclined to show my elephants legs yet)

love the oversized top with torn hot pants

the casual hipster swagger

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