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Change Your Looks with Eyelash Extensions


spending the day reading at my favourite cafe

once a while I'll look up to see who's sitting opposite me

If you're following my Instragram, you'll notice I've been pretty melancholic these days. Let's just say I'm feeling pretty experimental with my selfies this year. I'm playing with colours, emotions, lights and a wide range of facial expressions. Added to the drama is a new pair of eyelash extensions from Posh! Nail Spa, my second round actually after a month of "lash-rest". It has enhance my facial expressions when I take selfies of myself. The benefits of eyelash extensions? Let me break it down in 3 points.

The Good:
  1. Increase your sex appeal
  2. Makes you feel pretty confident fluttering your lashes about
  3. Don't need mascara anymore, heck you can skip eye make up
The Bad:
  1. Hard to remove make up (make up remover will weaken lash adhesive)
  2. No rubbing eyes
  3. Cleaning eyes is tough
How Is It Done?
  1. You're ushered into a room & lay down on the bed
  2. Tapes are used to protect your lower lashes / eye area
  3. Choose Cluster / Single lashes (you can request shorter - longer length)
  4. Close your eyes at all time (the adhesive stings your eyes)
  5. Process takes 30 - 50 minutes, and you're done
  6. Come back for touch up after 2 weeks
without eyelash extensions

 with eyelash extensions

Because I've a package at Posh! Nail Spa, I did my nails, waxing and eyelash extensions and the total is deducted from my package. Remembering correctly, first time trial for eyelash extensions is RM88 only and you can request for natural or dramatic setting. It's very basic here, not much choice or introduction is given as they're more focus on nail care services. They need to improve on adhesive application, to avoid leaving obvious white clumps (adhesive) which annoys me when I can spot them. Nevertheless, my second time doing it, it wasn't as bad as the first time. I've only tried eyelash extensions at Posh! Nail Spa so I can't say much comparing to other shops. I'll continue experimenting with eyelash extensions this year because I find myself enjoying the wonders of having fuller, longer looking lashes for a change.

Posh! Nail Spa TTDI
31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7,
60000 TTDI, KL.

Eyelash Price List
Cluster Lash RM108
Single Lash RM188
Lash Touch Up RM48
Lash Removal RM38
Lash Perming RM38

P.S: When taken care properly, your eyelash extensions can last you a month. After removing, let your natural lashes rest for a while as they're stressed out. Your natural lashes may fall during stress / strain of the eyelash extensions, that is common. They won't all fall, it's also depending on how you have been taking care of your eyelash extensions e.g no rubbing eyes. 

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  1. eyelash extensions are great when in hols. automatically the pics looks nice hahaha
    gonna do this for CNY

    1. yes man... the fun, the sun, the beach...woohoooooo!!!!

  2. You are already cute without Eyelash extension, but with is more gorgeous! I would like to try it too..saw everywhere people tried it & went home satisfied....but then thinking about it again it is very susah la for a muslim, because I need to take a wudhu' for a prayer..aiseh hahahaha, but still wanna try if I have an opportunity to do it later, nak try juga nanti, maybe during period ke kan..hahaha after a week then go back to the salon to remove it..haha ^_^

  3. love to have eyelash extension since mine is hardly visible...you look awesome sexy lady!

  4. I tear alot! Orz wonder how can i last without eye rubbing...

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