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Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria Review


I'm back with tried & tested reviews!

Hello readers! Yes I promise that I will do a review on the Bene Premium Bluria and Rougeria range from my last update on the introduction of a new hair care brand from MoltoBene into Malaysia that's free from silicone! If you missed that post, click here to read it before reading this review. You'll be better equipped with the understanding of what makes this range, unique from other drug store hair care brands in the market. I've given myself a month to try out the products given to me so I could give my honest opinion on each product. I'd want to just dive into what I think :) and each range would come with a short summary of what it's about and then the price list and my comments. Have fun reading!

Bene Premium Rougeria

The Bene Premium Rougeria range is made for girls with dry and damage hair (environmental stress factors, daily wear & tear). The key objective is to give intense hydration to rejuvenate damaged hair back to health with the conditioning power of red enzymes and strong antioxidants (extracts from apple juice, tomato juice & carrot). The very rare Bulgarian Damask rose honey and manuka honey is used to deeply moisturise hair back to bouncy and shiny health. Healing properties: natural organic oils (Morocco argan oil& oils from apricots, jojoba) and keratin infusions are used to repair even the most frazzled hair.

Signature Scent: Intoxicating Bluria Rose
Notes: fruity, floral & rose notes for woman on the go.

Hair Type: damage hair

Bené Premium Rougeria Range & Price List: 
Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo 530ml RM43.90
Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment 530ml RM43.90
Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Mask 210g RM43.90
Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil 40ml RM43.90

My comments:

Bene Premium Rougeria has a lovely rose scent
Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo
I used this shampoo for 2 weeks and observed that it's not hydrating enough for my hair. My hair is chemically treated (relaxed + bleach + coloured) which fits the profile of dry and damage. While the scent is intoxicatingly deliciously, shampoo-ing left my hair dry. I had to use with a conditioner a.k.a the delicious repair treatment.

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment

After shampooing, I treated my hair with a pump or two of this conditioner and leave it for a few mins to work its magic. Like instantly, my hair became silky smooth to the touch when I run my fingers down my hair. Since it's non-silicone, my hair felt light :) and the scent lingers for a few minutes. I wish the scent could last longer so everyone could get a whiff of my delicious hair.

damage hair needs a weekly mask treatment

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Mask

Alright truth be told I only used this once, and it didn't impressed me much. I think the delicious repair treatment gives a faster result, the same way this hair mask does. Anyway don't listen to me since I've only used it once, I'll try again and give my verdict.

gives me the shine without silicone

Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil

Oh I love this :) been using this to nourish my hair ends as I believe that the part that needs "baja" haha. Surprisingly it's not oily or weight down my hair, I used 1-2 pumps and work my way from the hair ends up. It gives the shine I need, making my hair smooth and healthy looking. Considering there's no silicone to give it the shine like what other hair smoothening / shine serums does, this hair oil gives the same effects after use. Nice!

Bene Premium Bluria

The Bene Premium Bluria range is for the girl who's hair woes comes from scalp issues (hair fall, weak hair, sensitive / itchy scalp, etc). By using this range, your scalp impurities washes away and is feed nutrients with the help of rich enzymes - called green enzymes (kiwis, green papayas, avocados). Bonus ingredients to make hair strong and supple - 30 minerals and Dead Sea salt. Conditioning power ingredients - mineral-rich green clay (nourishment) and Dead Sea mud (scalp cleansing).

Signature Scent: Refreshing Fragrance of Bluria Rose
Top notes: fresh & fruity
Middle notes: delicate floral
Base notes: musky

Hair Type: all hair types focusing on complete scalp care

Bené Premium Bluria Range & Price List: 
Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo 530ml RM43.90
Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment 530ml RM43.90
Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Hair Mask 210g RM43.90
Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Night Care Milk 115ml RM43.90

My comments:

Bluria is my favourite range for Bene Premium

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo
This range is my favourite compared to Rougeria. I have sensitive scalp with dandruff, though it's not serious I always try to keep it under control using the right shampoos. So far I used this for a week, and my dandruff situation is still under control. Itchy scalp? no I didn't feel a thing! This shampoo is designed to cleanse your scalp away from all the nasties and product built up over the time of using hair care products with silicone. It clears and leaves your scalp feeling fresh, almost like a second life. I find that this shampoo is more hydrating than Rougeria (what's wrong with my hair lol). I do tend to alternate between Rougeria and Bluria, mainly because I still want to give Rougeria a chance to repair my damage hair.

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment 
The added hydration I need to untangle my dry damage hair during shampooing. I can't live without using a conditioner! Seriously a must for me.

face mask, hair mask, makes sense?

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Hair Mask
Again, I've only used this once as I only do hair mask once a week. I don't have any comments yet as it's just like any other hair mask. I'll continue using it and if results are positive, I'll come update my post :)

milky night care treatment

Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Night Care Milk
Oh I love love love this! After cleansing your hair, this can be use on almost dry / wet / dry hair. I prefer to blow dry and then use this product after. It gives the hydration my hair needs for a good night's sleep. I thought after care hair treatment leave on, would be heavy and thick but no, this product milky to the touch, disappears off into your hair leaving it still soft and yeah flying (meaning it doesn't clump and holds to your hair together). Though, I have to point out that your hair would be so smooth, it's almost flat. I prefer to have volume to my hair, so I'll always blow dry the next morning again to puff my hair up.

Available exclusively at selected Watsons outlets nationwide where the Bene Premium Bluria and Bene Premium Rougeria. For more information www.bluria.com.my | www.rougeria.com.my | www.fb.com/pages/Bluria-Rougeria-Malaysia
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  3. the packaging sangat comel, i fell in love. once i finish my Ma Cherie i will try Bene Premium range :) I think I'll go for Bluria coz I also have scalp issue

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