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  • MoltoBene Launches Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria in Malaysia


    shine like the diamonds in the sky without silicone tonight!

    If you love Japanese beauty products like me, you'll be super happy to know that the popular Japanese beauty group MoltoBene is already here in Malaysia! They're loved by girls in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I can't wait to see all brands under this group unveil in Malaysia, especially Loretta *heart* which is super cute!. All MoltoBene products are 100% made in Japan

    Just 2 weeks ago I attended the launch of MoltoBene's winning Double Non-Silicone shampoo and hair treatment formula Bene Premium Bluria and Bene Premium Rougeria at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur.  The mesmerising diamond cut inspired packaging just screams, I'm made for your shiny crowning glory - use me please.

    The Bene Premium Bluria and Rougeria are made with high quality, carefully selected natural ingredients and for all your ladies out there worrying about issues pertaining to the use of silicone in hair care products, good news - the Bene Premium range is silicone free *yay*. FYI the shiny smooth less frizzy results you get from shampoos is thanks to the use of silicone, which is commonly found in most shampoos. However why is silicone bad? Answer: Long term use of silicone causes build ups that leads to a few issues - heavy hair, unhealthy and damaged hair, itchy scalp, hair loss and affects hair growth. Silicone is insoluble in water so if you don't properly cleanse your scalp and hair, the build up will grow and cause itchiness. 

    Hence the introduction to Bene Premium Bluria and Bene Premium Rougeria range which is formulated to be enzyme rich and contain no silicone. Continue reading to find out which range you should go for :)

    Bene Premium Bluria (left) & Bene Premium Rougeria (right)

    MoltoBene launches Bene Premium Bluria & Bene Premium Rougeria in Malaysia

    Pros shared Japanese hair trends & hair care at the launch
    Suzuki Youhei of MoltoBene Inc (left)
    Takeshi Oderasan of Number 76 Style (right)

    my photographer Jeremy & I at the launch


    At the launch Q&A session, I asked which range would be suitable and whether it was possible to use both range as well? The answer - Bluria is dedicated to caring for your scalp (in short) and Rougeria is for those with damage hair. To explain in depth the use of both, one would need to understand the ingredients and love poured into creating both range which ultimate goal is to let women achieve healthy hair through the use of enzymes, non-silicone ingredients and sweet smelling trademark scent created for each range. Using both range is possible, but most importantly use the range that would help your hair needs first then alternate with the other range.

    e.g if you have dry frizzy hair and dandruff problem, you go for Bluria first and after your dandruff is in control (dandruff can't be cure, can only be controlled) you can start Rougeria to hydrated and nourish your dry frizzy hair back to health.

    Bene Premium Bluria - Smother, Healthier Hair

    Bene Premium Rougeria - Restore Radiance

    The 4 Unique Features & Ingredients of Bluria

    watch the Bene Premium Bluria video

    the Bene Premium Bluria range
    (shampoo, treatment, hair mask, night care milk)

    The Bene Premium Bluria range is for the girl who's hair woes comes from scalp issues (hair fall, weak hair, sensitive / itchy scalp, etc). By using this range, your scalp impurities washes away and is feed nutrients with the help of rich enzymes - called green enzymes (kiwis, green papayas, avocados). Bonus ingredients to make hair strong and supple - 30 minerals and Dead Sea salt. Conditioning power ingredients - mineral-rich green clay (nourishment) and Dead Sea mud (scalp cleansing).

    Signature Scent: Refreshing Fragrance of Bluria Rose
    Top notes: fresh & fruity
    Middle notes: delicate floral
    Base notes: musky

    Hair Type: all hair types focusing on complete scalp care

    BenĂ© Premium Bluria Range & Price List: 
    Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Shampoo 530ml RM43.90
    Bene Premium Bluria Delicious SPA Treatment 530ml RM43.90
    Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Hair Mask 210g RM43.90
    Bene Premium Bluria Delicious Spa Night Care Milk 115ml RM43.90

    The 4 Unique Features & Ingredients of Rougeria

    watch the Bene Premium Rougeria video

    the Bene Premium Rougeria range
    (shampoo, treatment, hair mask, hair oil)

    The Bene Premium Rougeria range is made for girls with dry and damage hair (environmental stress factors, daily wear & tear). The key objective is to give intense hydration to rejuvenate damaged hair back to health with the conditioning power of red enzymes and strong antioxidants (extracts from apple juice, tomato juice & carrot). The very rare Bulgarian Damask rose honey and manuka honey is used to deeply moisturise hair back to bouncy and shiny health. Healing properties: natural organic oils (Morocco argan oil& oils from apricots, jojoba) and keratin infusions are used to repair even the most frazzled hair.

    Signature Scent: Intoxicating Bluria Rose
    Notes: fruity, floral & rose notes for woman on the go.

    Hair Type: damage hair

    BenĂ© Premium Rougeria Range & Price List: 
    Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Shampoo 530ml RM43.90
    Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Treatment 530ml RM43.90
    Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Mask 210g RM43.90
    Bene Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil 40ml RM43.90

    I'm going to be testing each range for a week and coming back with a review, if I'm not too lazy haha. If you can't wait for my review after reading this post, head over to selected Watsons outlets nationwide where the Bene Premium Bluria and Bene Premium Rougeria is exclusively sold :) 

    For more information:
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    1. This is so lovely kan Tammy!!! The packaging is divine!! n it is surprising to know this shampoo is silicone free! ^_^

    2. so pretty the bottles!!!!!!!!

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