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  • My Chinese New Year Shopping at Sunway Pyramid


    what should I buy for Chinese New Year?

    My fairy godmother gave me RM888 to go shopping this Chinese New Year at Sunway Pyramid. I was seriously overjoyed until I she said "within 2-hour". I took 30minutes drinking fruit juice to think about my "shopping strategy" so I had 1.5hours left to shop *bummer*. I narrow down my shopping list to three must buys - shoes, clothes and accessories. It's a must to have new clothes on the first day of Chinese New Year, to celebrate the festivities and usher in prosperity and good fortune. My grandmother will kill me if I wear black (my favourite colour) so in my to buy list, I have to avoid black and get more red. I was thinking hard outside for a while on what kind of style I should go for and decided I just want to be me. No cheongsams or semi-formal chic wear, this Chinese New Year I want to relax, feel young and be young lol especially on a hot day (as usual CNY is like summer). With only 1.5hours to shop, I would hit the shoe store first, then clothes and lastly if I had time I will get some matching accessories. 

    yes here I come, open your doors people I got money to spend!

    my shopping spirit fired up upon seeing the CNY themed decos

    then I got distracted by the colourful cuties!!!

    While I walked into Sunway Pyramid, I could see families and people shopping happily. Being the Year of the Sheep, everyone took advantage to "selfie" at the Cheery Wooly Spring themed mall, decorated with adorable and colourful fluffy cuties amongst the cherry blossoms! Sunway Pyramid's CNY celebration starts from 16/1 - 22/2 so there's still plenty of time to catch the cuties. The New Year essentials at the Spring Flower Market and CNY bazaars can be found at LG2, Blue & Orange Concourses. Don't missed out on the CNY promotions during this time before balik kampung people.

    the limited edition Fluffs of Joy Sheep Pillow
    (available in 5 candy colours)

    take selfies with the fluffy cuties!

    The current CNY promotion here? Shoppers who spend RM250 (RM150 for HSBC Credit Cardholders) in 1 receipt* to redeem a set of limited edition All Season Prosperity Ang Pow, adorned with delicate and delightful spring flowers. The exclusive Fluffs of Joy Sheep Pillow Pet can be redeemed by spending RM1000 (RM800 for HSBC Credit Cardholders) in 3 receipts, available in 5 huggable candy colours.

    4 SHOPS 1.5HOURS
    (this is how a pro shops muahhaha)

    My first stop was to visit Wakai, the Japanese lifestyle shoes that's taking Malaysia by storm. My friend John was showing his Wakais off and saying how comfortable they are. I didn't believe him until I tried on a pair this very day! The shop in Sunway Pyramid is much bigger and it's the first flagship store that opened. I love how "Japanese" the store is, being all minimalist and yet interesting in a individualistic way. I knew the current CNY promotion - buy 1 normal price, buy 2nd pair 30% off and 3rd pair will be 50% off. Guess what? I bought 3 pairs just to take advantage of the promo. Each pair costs RM159 so the promotion is really a good deal not to be missed.

    my first stop Wakai which I spent 40mins trying on shoes

    look at how cool the shop looks!

    they're freaking comfortable, no kidding!

    bought 3 pairs all in my favourite colours
    (easy to match my clothes)

     look how Japanese they look haha

     love the prints and colours on my Wakais

    With time running out, I rushed to Cotton On to buy my Chinese New Year clothes. I already had in mind to buy the hot pants (shorts) to wear since it's trending now. My family is going to flip seeing me not wearing jeans for the first time. I'm going for casual clothes that's suitable for Spring wear but most importantly they must be comfortable. FYI, these are the gears for hunting down the uncles and aunties for ang paos. Here's what I bought :D

    I grabbed all the new arrivals for Spring :D

    From top, left to right
    Devon Denim Jacket RM149.00
    Carla Shirt (Cherry Print) RM89.00
    Scarlett Scallop Denim ShortsRM99.00
    Trixy Cocoon Kimono RM99.00
    Saturday Shorts RM99.00

    current promotion Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
    (hotpants promotion woohoo!!!)

    selfies of me trying on clothes, u know which looks good on pics!
    (my favourite is the kimono cardigan! slimming effect)

    Omg I only have less than 20minutes left to shop after spending too much time selfie-ing in the fitting room at Cotton On *face palm*. I rushed over to Lovisa (formely known as Diva) and saw the shop as usual, had great promotions going on. Accessories were ranging from RM10 onwards so with what little time and money I have left, I grabbed a cherry necklace to match my Cotton On Cherry print t-shirt, a cross necklace, a "Tiffany" key necklace and a tiara because I always wanted to be a princess on New Year's (make that Chinese New Year).

    turning into a Cinderella with my tiara from Lovisa

    my necklaces at a great deal *big smiles*

    sales sales sales everywhere!!!

    While I was on the way out, I came across this interesting shop called Aeropostale and decided to go in to check what they have. Then.... I saw this lovely room hidden behind the cashier called Live Love Dream. It was like a candy coated heaven of girly bedroom attire! I fell in love with the colours and grab two tops in pink and peach to try. They costs only RM49 each so I bought them both because they look so cute! Then I turned my head and saw CUTE PANTIES 3 for RM59!!! I couldn't resist them, it's so cute!!! so I bought them too. My total shopping haul now is RM1k++ hahaha (ops). Unexpected addition to my shopping list.

    Aeropostale? never heard of this brand b4 let's check it out

    omg what's this place?! so cutttteeeeee!!!!!

    tried on the pink top & loved it!

    couldn't resist the panties promo!!!

    bought all 3 designs on display :D so cute right???

    meet my Cheery Wooly Spring Sheep Pillow name Eggyolk
    (redeemed with RM1k spent @ 3 receipts)

    Does it make sense that I could shop more because I save a lot from this trip at Sunway Pyramid? That's why I could splurge on the last shop for new panties and tops *dreamy* and it also gives me another reason, because shoppers who spent RM1k can redeem the exclusive Cheery Wooly Spring sheep cuties I saw earlier! I brought back home yellow sheep hehe and named him Eggyolk! (telur kuning). The Cheery Wooly Spring Sheep Pillows are so hot, they're now fully redeemed by shoppers already! (updated info that I found out from friend). 

    too many bags to carry? call the free Porter Boy & Buggy Service!

    With so many shopping bags, how la right? Feel a bit susah now to go back but I saw the posters hanging on the ceiling that says free Porter Boy and Buggy Services from 11am - 11pm daily from 16/1 - 18/2. Shoppers just need to find them at selected car park entrances or let Sunway Pyramid's Porter Boys (call 010-2897 509) to help with shopping bags on weekends and public holidays. Phew, I almost died carrying so many bags and rushing to meet my fairy godmother to show her what I bought *smiles*. Now my Chinese New Year shopping is complete and I can't wait to go back my hometown in Klang to see my family and relatives (to collect angpaos).

    Happy Chinese New Year Shopping readers, if you're heading to all the cute and cool stores I reviewed here, don't forget to also check out the Chinese New Year activities at Sunway Pyramid like lion dancing at 3pm (LG2 Orange Concourse) on weekends and p.holidays. Kids will go crazy meeting Sunway Pyramid's mascots Leo and Leona giving out prosperity goodies at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on weekends and holidays.

    don't missed out all the CNY promotions & save money
    (a good reason to shop haha)

    Coming with friends? Catch the free Chinese calligraphy and sand art workshop on selected weekends 2pm. If you're a family with kids, bring them to the exclusive Leo Cub workshops on selected weekends to play while enjoying the beautiful flower blossoms at the Spring Flower Market (LG2 Blue Concourse) or makan-makan at the Chinese New Year Bazaar (LG2 Orange Concourse). There's everything for everyone in the family to enjoy while shopping for Chinese New Year this February! Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!!!

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    1. Omaigodddd .. You shop 3 shops in 1.5 hours .. good time management babe.

    2. I like all your choices... Style that I will like too. *must get new pair of wakai soon too! *

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Oooh, love your haul, especially the tiara, hahaha coz it's a different style from your laid-back style. XD I've heard of Aeropostale but didn't know what kind of clothing they sold. Guess I'll need to visit Pyramid before CNY liao~

    5. Wow that's a really big ang pau you got there, and you manage to shop within 1.5 hours that's how a pro does it.. I don't think I'll be able to do that... Hehe.

    6. love the cherry top with cherry rantai babe

    7. lucky girl.... i wish I could shop like that but having a family means I can't... huhuhu

    8. sheeps gone already

    9. Lovely shopping post - it was like being there with you in real life!
      Those Wakai shoes are ultra funky - love the Japanese aesthetics.
      I haven't been to Sunway in years. This post makes me want to go!

    10. i like you in the denim jacket actually.... its got the "cool girll" effect.


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