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Crack House Comedy Club TTDI


the one club you shouldn't miss even on weekdays

I've been seeing flyers about this Crackhouse Comedy Club around TTDI for the past few months and last I saw was at KaffeCafe a.k.a my favourite hang out. Still not impressed to even take notice until I met Michelle from Shiny Happy People who told me all about it. She's a student, a blogshop owner and now I'm finding out she's a comedian. It's funny how you meet colourful people out of nowhere because you're a blogger and one thing leads to another, I ended up visiting Crackhouse Comedy Club which is 10 minutes walk away from my home only. It's also shockingly situated above my favourite bar, Deutsche Gasthaus TTDI another place I hang out during the weekends.

the girl who told me about Crackhouse Comedy Club
(Michelle from Shiny Happy People #shappytats)

Last Wednesday, as I was walking pass Deutsche Gasthaus, I stopped to read the Crackhouse Comedy Club's poster. A lady was smoking beside it and she said hello to me. Apparently it's the lady boss of this place, Marinah. I told her I'll stop by to visit to catch the open mike session at 9pm (happens every Wednesday). 

my first visit on Wednesday - open mike session
(where comedians practice their craft in front of a crowd)

By 9pm, I was walking up the stairs which looked a bit dodgy and there's like a door on the first floor. Upon opening, it's dark inside and there's a bouncer. Well it's a young guy nick named Baby Face by Michelle, crossing my name on the guest list (another surprise as I found out Marinah listed my name there after talking to me). I paid an entrance fee of RM15 and looked around the dimmed club, already the show was going on with Rizal (the boss) warming up the place for the comedians that night.

the comedians were a hoot on Thursday!

I took the seat right in front of the stage as there's no where else to sit (wondering why tables has reserved signs on it). Bad move because I was the target of the comedians that night and being my first visit (new face) didn't help. Anyway I enjoyed being bullied by them and this experience of watching stand up comedians live in the act was awesome. After the show, I made friends with a couple of them like Vikram who's from Chennai, here in Malaysia for work but does stand up comedy acts at night. Aaron Aw, a guy who makes fun of his height and tells people of his obsessions with "tetek" (boobs). Last but not least, I was surprised Michelle was there that night and she came up on stage to do her act.

laugh 4 times a week

I can't believe there's such a hidden gem in TTDI, while there's only 8 of us that night (which I'm not complaining because I don't like crowds) I enjoyed my first comedy club experience and came back the next night for their improve session "Hack the Crack" where comedians imitate one another. That was freaking hilarious. I'm definitely visiting again especially on Wednesdays & Thursdays night. The first comedy club in Malaysia, right here in TTDI - Crackhouse Comedy. If anyone wants to join me and grab a beer, hola me in Facebook.

Crackhouse Comedy Club
1st Floor, 24A,
Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Reservations: 017-624 3412

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