Welcome to my wonderland where I share my experiences as a woman on beauty, shopping, travel & lifestyle. I love taking photographs with my epal phone so most pics you see here is taken with a smart phone!.
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Hola readers, I have a new instagram handle now, it's no longer @tammy_miu (kinda hate the underscore thing). Look for @hellotammylim which I think its kinda cool for some reason. I'm also obsessed with playing filters on my photographs taken with my iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 (loan by Warren Lee the #techloanshark). You can see most of my #projecthometown photographs taken with iPhone 6 on my instagram. I absolutely love iPhones camera, they take amazing photographs even in low light. 

Oh and if you're wondering what's with the green mint wig, it's my favourite colour besides black (well black isn't a colour). I took these selfies on 31.10.14 (Halloween's Day), getting ready for the Kracie "Kawaii" Halloween Party at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid. Decided to go for the Japanese (bare beauty) look with a green mint wig like an anime character. Just when I walked into Sunway Pyramid, everyone turned around to stare at this "girl". Oh well, once a while it's great to be in character and have fun. That's life right?

I also got a new photograph alias, tlci which is short for my full name

check out my instagram for #projecthometown & my life in a glance

 walking along the abandoned colonial shoplots in Port Klang

colonial buildings in a sad state

Bakuteh hawker stalls at the popular Pandamaran Hawker Street

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  1. Next time I nak ikut pegi Halloween Party ek
    I love dressing up

    BTW, where did you buy the wig?
    Need to buy one for the video
    TQ Mamasan

    1. kat Tmart online, took a month to arrive for mine coz free shipping

  2. iphone camera memang awesome. i'm so going to buy iphone when current my phone rosak

    1. Anis, mmg bagus dlm low light pun good. Join the apple fan club! haha

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