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Review: Flash Tattoos from Shiny Happy People


the hottest trend hitting Kuala Lumpur

I discovered a new thing last month called flash tattoos or flashtats in short. It's this new trend of body accessory, well body art to be correct hitting the scene thanks to Beyonce. Remember when we were young, we often play with those stick on or transferrable tattoos and pretend we are the cool kids (okay some of you pretended to be gangsters). Now these sticker tattoos are back and unlike conventional sticker tattoos that we remembered, these are like *BAM* holy *&^$%&* cool. Find them in gold or silver, they shine like Avatar haha.

meet Michelle from Happy Shiny People

Recently I met up with Michelle from Shiny Happy People and now we are friends *smiles*. She contacted me to review her flashtats and being the busy body that I am, I asked her to meet me and tell me all about it. She entertained my request *lol* showed up with a few sheets of flash tattoos and demonstrated on her hand how easy it is to apply your very own beautiful jewellery inspired temporary tattoos in metallic finishing. You can pretty much guess why her shop's name is Shiny Happy People :)

I picked a sheet of flashtats for RM20

in a matter of seconds to put on

So how does it work? easy. First pick the designs you want from Shiny Happy People, cut around that particular design, peel the transparent sticker off, positioned it at the spot you want to show off (the white facing you), use a wet cotton or tissue and dab on the sticker. Make sure it's entirely wet or you'll end up with an incomplete transfer. Slowly lift the sticker away, revealing a beautiful metallic tattoo!. 

before & after of my first flashtat!
(I think it's super sexy on the neck)

Now it lasts 4 - 6 days depending on how well you care for your flash tattoos. Mine lasted more than a week, even when I shower :) The secret to maintaining your flashtat is not to place it on areas where the design would be disturbed by movement and avoid rubbing or water contact too much. To remove, simply use oil or oil based make up remover to gently clean it away. Yeap it's that easy :)

I love matching my style with flashtats!

designs that I want to stock up (suka feathers)

I'm currently obsessed with decorating my body with flashtats because I find them so much fun to play with. It's easy to put on and I could always change my mind and remove them, unlike permanent tattoos. Call it the pain-free, easy flashy temporary tattoos!. Michelle has many designs to choose from her store click here and she is offering my readers 10% OFF just by using this special code PSK10 during checkout. Have fun creating your own designs by combining one or more flashtats designs and showing them off and FYI NO I'm not paid to say all this :) 
The FIRST store in Malaysia to sell beautiful jewelery-inspired temporary tattoos in metallic finishes! For inspirations and information on flashtats visit www.fb.com/Shappytats and http://shappytats.wix.com/shinyhappypeople
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