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TUMI 19Degree Collection Comes To Life


TUMI celebrates it's 19Degree launch with a journey

Thanks to TUMI, I had the chance to grace their 19Degree launch earlier this month at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. TUMI which of course is no stranger to us is not only popular with travelers but they are also the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories. The launch showcases the 19Degree collection of aluminum and polycarbonate (PC) luggage, a popular choice for travelers these days due to being its lightweight advantage. The launch also opens up to an experiential experience from 8 - 14 May, combining design and life in an interactive area that ignites your longing for exploration and to travel the world, in style obviously.
the larger than life chessboard at the showcase

a feature wall displaying spectacular travel shots taken

by high-profile KOLs across Asia traveling with their 19 Degree cases

Apart from the showcase, a line of sleek displays of TUMI's 19Degree aluminum and polycarbonate collections welcomes guests to a sight of a sophisticated array of classic hues and vibrant seasonal colors on a larger than life chessboard. The interactive area, where photographs of TUMI's 2017 KOLS can be seen. They are CL, Linda Rodin and Alex Atala. Each displaying their version of "The Modern Explorer" appreciators of craft and design, inspiration, and exploration. What is your perfect journey? TUMI questioned the KOLS who then set out on the journey to answer. The Journey is then created and will run globally by TUMI across social media channels.

 CL, Kpop rapper & muse to many fashion designers
travels to the Blue City to seek Inspiration

Linda Rodin, Style icon & beauty entrepreneur goes back to Sicily,
the place that inspired her own skin care line, Rodin,
and sparked the face-oil trend

Alex Atala, a two-Michelin Star Chef whose restaurant
was rated 4th best restaurants in the world

The 19Degree collection shines with the allure of its design and unmatched innovation is brought to life by the KOLS. Creating a connection to travelers emotionally to their journey as an extension of their personal style, the showcase entices customers to perfect their own journey. Like the calling of the wild, this would be the calling of wanderlust, travel, life, exploration, and discovery.

TUMI's 19Degree luggage

available in silver and matte black

the limited edition rose gold 19Degree luggage

The 19Degree luggage collection draws its inspiration from the fluid elements of nature and exacting lines in architecture intersect. It boasts a strikingly modern and cutting-edge design with fluid, precise contoured angles set against meticulously-crafted aluminum. In creating the pinnacle of travel gear, 19 game-changing features in its bold designs including standouts such as TUMI’s patented X-Brace 45® telescoping handle system, personalization with monogramming and dual-spinning recessed wheels for effortless maneuverability.

Available in silver and matte black, the aluminum assortment features a reinforced frame case design—with two snap closures for carry-on bags and three snap closures for check-in bags—and die-cast corner caps for additional protection. The extremely intelligent interior is expertly appointed with the finest aesthetic and organizational features including a lightweight lining with an embossed diamond pattern that complements the unique exterior pattern. 

Equally stylish and lightweight, the PC assortment is offered in sophisticated silver, black, copper and glacier, in the full range of carry-on and check-in sizes. 19 Degree PC is masterfully wrapped in a special film purposefully employed to reflect light when the bag is on the move.

For more information on TUMI 19Degree visit www.tumi.com or visit your nearest TUMI store.


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