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Butterfly Project X 1028 Visual Therapy The Review Contest

the 1028 Visual Therapy collaboration

Hijacking my blog to talk about a review project that I'm organizing for beauty bloggers who loves makeup! Well, this is until the Butterfly Project's official website is ready. I wish I have many copies of myself to do everything. So this particular review project, which I really hope would be a good activity for my members a.k.a butterflies to participate in. Not only will they get to explore and experiment their content style, those who did really well will be winning cash prizes from 1028 Visual Therapy Malaysia! *jeng jeng*

available at Watsons Malaysia
Created on 28 Oct 2008, 1028 Visual Therapy is specially designed for the Asian Skin. With the aim of Therapy, the products are all infused with Skin Care Essence, ensuring you look great and at the same time care for your precious skin.
I wasn't aware of this brand until they approach me. It's a beauty brand from Taiwan with fun, trendy and cute makeup products for girls to play with. The colors, the shades, the packaging is so cute and trendy! Really couldn't resist, so I thought why not hold a content creating contest for Bloggers and YouTubers to join.

The contest would be called "Which 1028 Butterfly Are You?" The 1028 Visual Therapy Contest. As the name suggest, I want butterflies to create visual therapies using the products from the brand. It can be a makeup tutorial, flat lay artist, anything that's going to be visually appealing when you review this brand. The skies the limit. Each butterfly will create their project by first selecting which 1028 eyeshadow palette that would set their theme in stone.

There are three deliciously named eyeshadow palettes from 1028 Visual Therapy. They are the Brownie, Macaron and Mont Blanc Eyes. Each eyeshadow palette is designed for a particular makeup look.

Brownie Butterfly Sexy and smoky 

 Macaron Butterfly Sweet and gorgeous 

Mont Blanc Butterfly Elegant and charming 
this is a Mont Blanc Dessert (snow-capped mountain)
pureed, sweetened chestnuts topped with whipped cream

Of course, every butterfly who can tell me in secret what they're planning to do will be joining the project review team to be a 1028 Butterfly! They'll be getting a 1028 Butterfly Kit to create their review content. The makeup products can be different from one butterfly to another, but will essentially be the same usage.
  1. Cushion Foundation /Moisture CC cream (Light Beige/Natural Beige)  
  2. Liquid Eyeliner - Deep black
  3. Mascara - Black
  4. Eyebrow (Light Brown/Dark Brown )
  5. Eyeshadow Palette (Brownies/Macaron/Mont Blanc

What do you think of this review activity? To better understand the brand and their style, which you can get inspirations from click this link. I'll be kickstarting this soon on the community page for sign-ups. As a bonus, the best three reviews will win cash prizes RM1,000 (grand prize), RM800 (first prize) and RM500 (second prize). Awesome right!



  1. Cool, I can't wait for the good news.

  2. Waaaa can't wait for this babe! Would so love to join!

  3. Omg so cool! i'm so into the macaron eyeshadow palette ��

  4. OMG Tammy!!! You are killing me, woman! Hehehhe That mont blanc eyeshadow palette has gotten my utmost interest...hahahha due to the packaging also...:P

    Oh gosh... I would so love to try doing all of it! (flatlay + makeup tutorial)

    1. I am dying for it. Wonder can we do it together, what do you think?

  5. It's a great contest especially with the cash prizes.

  6. Wahh cool damn... Cant wait for it

  7. Loving this. I wish could join this.

  8. I Can't wait for it, finally it coming in

  9. I love their eyeshadow and loose powder the most!!! But hard to get in Malaysia~ although Watson also limited stock.

  10. Yes~~~ is time to try new makeups! I want!!

  11. I love colour and I love make up!! Really Wanna to try out this new brand..

  12. I feel like the real challenge is how to create the visually attractive photo or video. thinking thinking thinking.

  13. Can't wait for this to come out!

  14. WOW! This is so amazing! Thanks TAMMY for always creating so many opportunities! :)

  15. Can't wait to join this one! I've been eyeing their eyeshadow palette for a looooooong time now!

  16. Hey i follow your blog, i like n read every you post

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