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  • Melvita Rose Damask Floral Water Mist Review


     alcohol-free misting toner with rose floral water

    I have sensitive skin so I avoid toners with alcohol. It stings my cheeks (the dry and sensitive part). I used Melvita Floral waters, an alcohol-free toner in the past so I was happy to find out that they've created a mist now which makes it fun and easy to tone your face. More than just water, the toner can be used to prep your skin after cleansing as well as to remove any makeup residues left behind. It also refreshes, soothes and hydrates your skin for the day. You can use your skincare after this step too as it will make absorption better for your serums. If you're a fan of Melvita's beauty oils then it boosts the use of the oils, so your skin "sucks" all the goodness in! 

    The product is certified organic (ECOCERT GREENLIFE) and fair trade (EFT attested). If I'm not mistaken, it takes many damask roses to make a drop of rose water and for that, the price of products using rose water (damask) increases. For this product, over 2000 damask roses are used via steam distillation of fresh Rosa damascena petals. Rich in active ingredients, Melvita says this makes for a naturally powerful formula.

    100% of the total ingredients from natural origin
    99% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming

    Melvita's Damask Rose Floral Water
    tone refreshes & hydrates

    Night: cleanse, mist before your beauty oils/serums

    What I like about this product?

    I love the scent, it's so romantic. It smells like delicate roses just melt on my skin lightly. Since it's a mist, the water particles are fine and hydrating. I pat it on my skin after spraying, so it gets absorbed in. You can feel it almost plumps up your face. I can't stop misting my face with this, especially in the office when the air is dry due to air conditioning. It gives an instant refresh to my skin! Rose is also very soothing, so when it's a particularly hot day, this comes in handy by my side.

    It can also be used to set your makeup or just to refresh your skin on a hot day.

    There are many toners and beauty water in the market that promises this and all that jazz, but sensitive skin types may find it overwhelming for their skin to use. I would highly recommend this toner since it's alcohol-free and organic. It is mild, gentle and soothing.

    How To Use?
    After cleansing, mist your face with a pump or two. You can also spray it on a cotton wool pad and use on the face just like a regular toner. Use morning and evening. No rinsing required.

    Rosa Damascena Distillate [Rosa Damascena Flower Water]*, Citric Acid, Aqua [Water], Polyepsilon-Lysine, Citronellol**, Geraniol**.
    *Ingrédient issu de l'Agriculture Biologique / Ingredient from Organic Farming.
    **Constituants naturels de l'eau florale / Natural components of floral water.

    The Organic Rose Floral Water 200ml RM138 is available for purchase from Melvita stores and Melvita Malaysia Online.

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    1. OMG..i swear nothing else can beat the freshness of rose water (and perhaps lemon water)

    2. Yay mild, gentle and soothing

    3. Great review! Your photos are also really awesome! :)
      -Jenna <3
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