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Jo Malone London Malaysia Bad Service


an open letter to Jo Malone Malaysia

Hi Jo Malone London,

I'm from Malaysia and I am appalled at the lack of respect and service given at Jo Malone, Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia. I would like to make an official complaint regarding the discrimination given to customers, kindly direct my complaint here or please give me the contact of Jo Malone Malaysia so I can redirect my complaint to their attention.

On 10th Nov, I and my friends visited Jo Malone, Mid Valley Megamall store in hopes to find the perfect birthday gift. We were sampling the various scents on the fragrance table and here comes the promoter. She wasn't friendly or welcoming. She asked if she can help us (no smiles, stern tone) and I responded with a question on what are (Jo Malone's) best selling scents? At least this would give us an idea of what to look for.

Coldly, she told us that we (Jo Malone) do not have best sellers. Every scent is unique to individuals. Full stop.

Now, this wasn't the kind of service I expect from a premium brand like Jo Malone. 

Not only was I offended by her answer, I felt disrespected as a customer as well. FYI, it is common sense that fragrances are a personalized preference, I'm not an idiot. But interestingly I now know that Jo Malone does not have best sellers -  thanks to her.

Jo Malone does not have a best seller!

The promoter proceeded to "re-arrange" the fragrance testers we touch (we were checking out which scents). I felt this is uncalled for, are your promoters professional trained to ward off customers make customers uncomfortable at your store?

just put out a sign to so we normal people don't come in

Such discrimination and lack of manners. Maybe I do not look the part of a rich socialite to be shopping at Jo Malone but I doubt your promoters are rich socialites as well to be acting this way. A better way would be to put a warning sign at your store "ONLY FOR THE RICH" or a dress code warning: Materialistic Ladies only.

Thank you but no thank you.

You Just Lost A Customer

Jo Malone Malaysia contacted me the next day after reading my complaint. They apologised for what happened, and said will investigate and view the cctv footage. They also said that it was a part-timer and that they do have recomendations on scents. I was invited to have a complimentary hand massage, a signature of Jo Malone's where you can get to know more about creating your bespoke scents while enjoying a 20-mins luxurious hand massage utilising the scents picked out. I was sceptical at first, but gave in when they urge me to go. I choosed Jo Malone KLCC (no more Mid Valley definitely) and was attended to the store manager, Moon who was all smiles with great service. So different compared to Jo Malone Mid Valley. I will be blogging about it because I was indeed impressed and informed from this second experience.

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  1. Hi Tammy, your pictures are awsome so natural and down to earth. This blog is very interesting , as an complaint has been lodged. I think this is the best place to bring to light the greivance we incur while we purchase


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