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PSA: Tinder Couple Safe Sex

have you met Tinderella?

There's this really funny cartoon on youtube called Tinderella. Yeah I know the song does spark the tune Cinderelly Cinderelly from Disney's Cinderella (you know where Gus Gus starts singing). Back in the olden days, fairy tales are... well all that's magical and full of love and nice things ending with happily ever after. Fast forward the modern era, girls are more liberated from the past and has become an equal to the pesky men.

What happens when "ever after" is recreated now and with the introduction of Tinder (as the "matchmaker"). Laugh at this video if you must. The uncanny resemblance is... lol.

so you've met your match, what's next?

become a couple lol online

If like Tinderella, you met a match and well it turns out to be something more serious, guess what. There's a "couple" app out there that's kinda cute and cool called Couple.Me! From Tinder to Couple.Me, your next relationship phase should be app-tised. How I found out about this app? My friend who was staying in touch with his gf overseas introduced it to me. He was pretty happy sharing what it does and stuffs. The app also has a countdown timer to when you'll meet again.
  • An Intimate Place For Two.
    Keep all your moments private & make your memories last forever.
  • Stay Close When You’re Miles Apart.
    Access your shared timeline anytime, anywhere, on web or mobile.
  • Plan Life Together
    Find restaurants nearby, create to-do lists, use a shared calendar, and location features to make life easy.
  • Touch. In The Digital World.
    Interact in real-time with Thumbkiss, or draw together in Live Sketch.

To me, this is another test of time, where everything is now digitalised, relationships has also become quite on-the-line. I hope this is an interesting sharing today that would benefit all the modern fairy tale stories out there. And remember, if you decide to get it on like Tinderella, remember to be safe!

Carrie should have packed "Invisible" condoms
(source: Sex & The City)

You don't know what's lurking around "online" and we're not talking about computer viruses here. I'm talking about real nasties that might happen to you if you decide to go Carrie Bradshaw. STDs, STIs, HIV, Herpes, HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and the unwanted pregnancy which would be a long-term STI (sexually transmitted inception)

I heard many of times men complained about not wanting to use rubber because "no feel" and they think using their 6th sense or telepathic abilities to scan a potential mate "clean of anything" via their eyes, works.

can you see this? It's invisible
travel and thinking of Zika?

*Rolling eyes* Guys only think with their hardware so girls, it's up to you to be safe! Don't throw in the towel because with modern technology these days, even condoms has "upgraded" their fairy tale story. Heard of the Invisible condom? It's Durex's thinnest ever condom. Their tagline "Now Get Closer Than Ever Before" is their fairytale ending. There's no reason for them to go "NO FEEL" anymore. If they do that, please just make like Durex and be invisible in his life.

The Durex "Invisible" condoms are ultra thin, naturally soft, lubricated for comfort and enjoyment, fits the bad boys, and it no awful rubber scent (it's a pleasant natural woodsy scent). The price?

Extra Sensitive: 3pcs (pack) RM14.45 / 10pcs (pack) RM41.95
Extra Lubricated: 10pcs RM41.95 (pack).

Hope you like my Public Service Announcement post on a Sunday morning LOL.

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