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  • The Killer Ayam Goreng Kunyit Bangsar UOA


     if your favourite food might cause you cancer

    Just wanted to share something horribly wrong with something deliciously tempting that happened to me a few days ago. You see lunch time around Menara UOA is like a battlefield. The good food always gets this long big ass waiting line. That's one sure fire sign that this is good, we must eat it. My favourite lunch time food is Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Tumeric Fried Chicken) which costs as low as RM5 from the roadside hawker stores.

    the popular Sedapi Ayam Goreng Kunyit

    tasty ayam kunyit, a popular lunch dish at Menara UOA Bangsar

    Me and Sydney were queuing up to get our hands on this store one day. It had a waiting line building up so we were lucky to be there early. The office ladies take away up to 10 packets for their colleagues. Everyone wanted a piece of the deliciously yummy Ayam Goreng Kunyit. It was deep fried in oil and serve hot with long beans, carrots and rice. The cook was cooking so fast to meet the crowd demand.

     the cook uses a cooking colander to transports
    chicken to the table, while dripping oil all over the road

    Then the inevitable happened. We saw the cook took out a plastic bag of cooking oil and proceeded to place it inside the sides of the hot wok. The plastic bag burst open and the oil joined the rest of the oil in the wok. This was in a matter of seconds (so fast you may not have realised it).

    We gasped. I turned to Sydney and asked her, "Did you see that? (she nodded in shock). Do you still want to eat this?". "Hell yes" she says. We ate the tasty meal but.... was it worth the health risk for a mere RM5 meal, no matter how tasty it is? I'm still running the image of the oil bursting into the wok in my mind.

    I'm doomed. I think.


    1. Lol hhahh i still think the place that sell ayam penyet have better nasi ayam kunyit. Coz the green sambal yummmmmsssss

    2. if its yummy but risk our health, then its not worth :|

    3. Thanks for the very helpful information. I dont know much about this! And im glad for your help.

    4. To gain access to the IP address just enter 192.168.l.0 in the address bar on your web browser.

    5. its not worth at all..huhu..i dont like this kind of seller coz they didn't think their customer health, only think about money. sobs!


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