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  • Electricity Saving Box Scam


    nah don't work, don't buy this

    Today I'm using Blogger app to post something. Feel it's easier because you can upload pics from phone to the Blogger app directly and start typing away. It's very basic though, limited functions unlike the browser view. So anyway I was reorganising my storage cabinets and found the electricity saving boxes I bought from Groupon. They were sold for a set at RM25. A waste of money I say because it didn't work at all for me. I want to throw them away but felt dam what a waste of money.
    My TNB bills were crazily high every month. It's on an average of RM350++ a month. Can go up to nearly RM400. I'm having a heart attack each time I check my mailbox for bills. Even my landlord don't know why it's so high. He sent letters to TNB to check the meters and they said its functioning as normal. 

    I really have no idea, I lived in a small studio apartment 500sqft and only use 1 aircond. Perhaps it's the biggest energy guzzler of all because it's a 2.5 Hp aircond. Other than that, anything in the house uses electricity. From cooking to entertainment to bathing. I've cut down on all these so much except aircond which I can't live without (Msia is so HOT!). I even cut down on bathing (lol). 

    So I saw the electricity saving box on Groupon and believed in the deal that said it was going to save my electricity bill yada yada Ba bang magic (expression for advertising bull shit words). 

    Hogwash, the product look cheap and unbelievable when it arrived. I though it was a magical product but it's actually just like the extension plugs that prolong the life of your electrical appliances from Tesco / homeware shops. U know, the ones that stabilised voltage uses so your computer don't fry. 

    So don't buy these things from Groupon or some eBay / online stores coz the hype is 90% consumer-bs and 10% what it is. I've tested it for 5 months and saw no results! 

    Instead, try reading articles about energy saving. Here's some tips I've read, if you're going to travel, remove all plugs and extensions from electrical source point. Appliances or devices may still be running even if you "off" the switch. Change your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs like LED. Use inverter fridges and aircond. There are many tips out there actually but the best tip I've found so far is on aircond.

    You see, there's a lot to read about aircond using energy to cool down your place vs the heat in / out of the place. Your aircond will use energy to cool down the place especially when it's very hot outside. The optimal cooling temperature that will be best for energy saving is 22. You can go over 22 if it's still cooling (outside / inside heat does not affect your room temperate). 

    I tried this for two months and my TNB for that two months went down by RM100 savings! I was so happy to see finally something is working đŸ˜­ !!! So I hope my sharing today helps save your TNB too and don't buy into electricity saving box deal. It's just scams.


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    2. Another tip I learnt is to change the aircond to dehumidify mode (water drop icon) as oppose to the normal snowflake icon. The room will be cool but the downside is, you will get dry flaky lips if u have dry and sensitive lips like me. Even my mangos and fruits got wrinkly skin, kakaka. But for now rainy days if just on the dehumidifier for few hours should be no problem. During the heat wave last year, I on it whole afternoon till night, and my electricity bill still went down about Rm10 compared to when I turn on aircond for just 2hrs in the afternoon.

      1. makes sense that the water mode would be more saving than the snowflake mode! thx for sharing. Hey but i thought dehumidifier mode would not be drying to skin :( ?

    3. However, the cold winter conditions in the coming months are also projected to affect overall Texas electricity capacity.

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