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  • Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine Review


    Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine, Petaling Jaya

    Over the weekend, I brought my team to dine at Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine at Section 16, Petaling Jaya. It was just 15mins away from Bangsar. My girls love love love Indian food so I knew this would be a good opportunity to introduce them to my friend Aruna's restaurant. She took it over a few months ago and is considering some rebranding but until that moment comes, let's just eat!

    After checking out from Sekeping Tenggiri, the girls and I head over to her restaurant for some yummy Indian food. It was just beside Castell Gastrobar and you can spot the restaurant from the main road (but don't forget to turn in right at the corner). On first look, the restaurant is quaint Indian restaurant with photographs of the Malgudi, the fictitious town in South India created by novelist R.K Narayan in his novels and short stories.

    The restaurant is big enough for functions and private events since there's a ground and upper floor catering to customer's need. The upper floor is quiet, so it's perfect for gatherings or parties. Their chefs came all the way from India so be sure to expect authentic Southern and Northern Indian cuisine here. Vegetarian meals are also available here.

    upper & ground floors available

    the girls didn't know I was shoothing them

    the can't live without my phone girls

    Southern & Northern India cuisine

    Alas, food was served in stainless steel kitchenware. The portions for each serving were enough for 1 - 2 pax so we ordered a variety of dishes from the menu to spread our lunch out. I particularly love the variety of bread they have on the menu. You can order either of the plain / butter / garlic / cheese Naan, Tandoori Roti or Masala Kulcha to have with your curries. The Masala Kulcha is a popular North Indian naan which tastes soft and delicious with masala. The breads were soft and tasty but I personally desire crispy bread when I eat them with curries. Rice lovers, there's the plain rice (basmati rice) or Briyani (Chicken / Prawn / Mutton / Paneer / Mushroom / Egg / Veg / Plain). We ordered the Chicken and Mutton.

    Aruna recommended the Fresh Lime Soda, a refreshing drink made from freshly squeeze lime with soda water and Coconut Ice-blended or Coconut Juice (real coconut). The Coconut ice-blended is to die for! It tastes different from the ones I've tried before, rich coconut flavour. I'm not an expert on coconuts but please try this if you're coming here and let me know what you think?

    I'm going to show you the photographs I took of the food we ordered, and also some really funny things going on with the girls taking selfies of themselves for Instagram (they're such posers and IG-ddicts). There was 8 of us all together so you can spot some familiar faces here. Below - the girl with the pink hair is Bo, followed by Sydney, Venice and Janelle. I've decided to add "captions" to their photos.

    never a dull moment when you dine with friends
    (seriously look at the many poses you can do)

    Bhindi Masala RM9 | Kanala 65 RM14

    For starters, we always ordered the fried squid but couldn't find "fried squid" on the menu until the waiter told us it's under Starters as Kanava 65 (pepper fried squid). This was crispy and good! I've been accustomed to ordering fried squids when I dine in Indian restaurants because curries with rice and fried squid tastes so good together! We wanted to try their Vegetarian menu out so the waiter recommended the Bhindi Masala which Anis like so much! 

    Vegetarian Manchurian RM11 | Nandu Rasam RM7

    We were told that the Vegetarian Manchurian (Vegetarian) is a must try here. It's a deep fried mixed vegetable dumpling in spicy gravy. The girls love this but it wasn't my cup of tea (my first time eating this). I was more fascinated with eating my first Nandu Rasam (I didn't know there's so many types of rasam!). You can see a crab claw poking out of the rasam hehe! It was very tasty, with a hint of crab. Very good to ward off the cold.

    What's On The Menu?
    Starters: Paneer 65 / Mushroom 65 / Chicken 65 / Gobi 65 / Pavakai Chips / Baby Corn / Kanava 65 / Chips Combo / Salad
    Soups: Murungaka Rasam  / Nandu Rasam / Chicken Rasam / Mutton Bone Soup.
    Vegetarian: Bhindi Masala / Potato Varuval / Mushroom Masala / Aloo Gobi Masala / Paneer Butter Masala / Mix. Veg Porial / Palak Paneer / Green Peas Masala / Karthirikai Varuval / Chilli Paneer / Veg. Manchurian.

    Egg Podimas RM7 | Tandoori Chicken RM14

    Next came the Egg Podimas which was scrambled fried egg with chillies, onions, eggs and turmeric. This is normally a snack kind of meal for Indians that's great with rice, bread or chapati. The Tandori Chicken was a drumstick (yay!) and it had the usual condiments - onions, lime and mint sauce. Tender and juicy, but the skin was too burnt imho. 

    What's On The Menu?
    From The Tandoor: Fish Tikka / Tandoori Chicken / Chicken Tikka / Tangri Kebab / Malai Kebab / Small or Large Tandoori Platter / Veg Thali.
    Egg: Egg Podimas / Egg Curry

    Mutton Briyani RM19 | Chicken Briyani RM16 (Egg is additional)

    What's Indian food without Briyani? We had the mutton and chicken egg briyani but couldn't get used to the strong briyani spice and the rice was mushy for our liking. Perhaps we aren't use to Briyanis, but I've never liked Briyanis so we gotta give this a miss.

    What's On The Menu?
    Briyani Flavours: Chicken / Prawn / Mutton / Paneer / Mushroom / Egg / Veg / Plain

    Plain Rice (Basmati Rice) RM4 | Lollypop Chicken RM14

    I would have to say the Lollypop Chicken is my favourite here! It's tender and crispy at the same time and the meat just falls off the bones when I bite to pull them. Very fun to eat and the name itself was an ice-breaker on our table. Couldn't get enough of this and the rice? I just love the rice. It wasn't mushy or overly done. It was perfectly cooked basmati rice, and the curries just coat each one... as I scoop them with my spoon.

    What's On The Menu?
    Chicken Varuval / Chettinad Chicken Masala / Lollypop Chicken / Chicken Roast / Kudai Chicken / Butter Chicken Masala / Chicken Kurma / Chicken Pepper Fry / Chicken Manchurian
    Mutton: Mutton Baruval / Mutton Masala / Lamb Chop Masala / Mutton Rib Bone Curry / Mutton Roganjosh
    Seafood: Vaval Meen Kulambu / Vanjarai Fish Curry / Fish Pepper Fry / Chettinad Meen Kulambu / Prawn Varuval

    with each passing, the bond strengthens

    a meal shared is a meal treasured

    I would like to thank Aruna for inviting me to review her restaurant. This is my first time blogging about Indian cuisine so it's an eye opener to learn so much about the names to each meal here. What intrigues me the most about Indian cuisine is the colours, spices and aroma of the food. It wasn't very spicy, which I told her I wish it could be spicier because I love spicy food haha. The girls had an extra order of Naan and Tandoori Roti while I enjoyed my lime soda after finishing my meal.

    The next table to us was a birthday gathering going on, and we could see so many food being served! They were really going for it. I had a wonderful time bonding with my girls here over a fine cuisine. Would come back again for the Lollypop Chicken, Nandu Rasam and try their Palak Paneer with my sister who's a fan of Indian food.

    Prices are reasonable here most around from under 10 to not more than RM20 (averagely). The menu also serves mutton and seafood. Drinks the usual with coffee, tea, fruit juices and Lassi.

    Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine
    17, Lorong Universiti C, Section 16,
    46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
    Business Hours:
    Lunch: 12.00PM – 3:30PM
    Dinner: 6.00 – 10:30PM
    CLOSED on Tuesdays
    Phone: +60 3-7931 2556

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    1. Indian cuisines always taste great when prepared by the authentic Indian chefs. Because only they know about the dishes well and preparing from years. South Indian dishes are little spicy, otherwise they tastes superb when prepared by the experienced staffs. When you are thousands of miles faraway from the hometown, but you get the foods of your own place, it's really an amazing experience. Apart from the food, when you stay in a comfortable hotel, it doubles the enjoyment level. Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience. These are indeed great photographs.

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