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FF Dental Damansara Perdana Review

Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

FF Dental Damansara Perdana

My wisdom tooth was killing me. I thought I can tahan, and continue living. WRONG ❌ off all days, I woke up on Labour Day to a new level of pain.

Desperate, I google sini sana coz my usual dentist x open. Infact many clinics closed. I checked the google map for nearby clinics, one was newly opened. I tried my luck wasap them, OMG they responded, I got an appointment in 15mins 😭 Walked down, saw a dam 😳 modern clinic farcade next to Pizza Hut.

right in the middle of Damansara Perdana, next to main road
(landmarks: Crispy Chippy and Pizza Hut)

Place is crazy cool, like a scene out of Black Mirror. Futuristic, minimalist, probably the most aesthetic dental clinic I’ve ever seen! Like an art gallery saja.

Friendly doctor husband wife duo no wonder opened. Wife can claim triple pay from husband later 🀣

Doc answered all my questions, very patient chill. Checked my wisdom tooth, luckily didn’t require surgery just extraction but gave me a range πŸ’΅ - πŸ’Έ bcoz won’t know how difficult until it’s done. Praying in my chair it’s not goin be πŸ’Έ coz u know sis jual πŸ‡ sekarang.

love the futuristic modern look, even down to the logo!

they have a range of services here

like a art exhibition but dental

(To calm myself down, I decided to document my journey holding phone with one hand. Doc layan me only) - this isn’t sponsored. Kisah benar.

It ended as soon as it started, no pain, smooth fast 😳 thankfully got the launch promo 10% which they extended to anyone I refer (just say my name Tammy).

My bill was reasonable, didn’t kill my wallet. I don’t know to share or not, but it’s wisdom tooth extraction RM135 after discount coz easy extraction. Don’t barge in there demand rm135 yah (spare me pls). It depends on your gigi.

husband and wife duo over the weekend

πŸ‘ Highly recommend this place if u need your annual checks, scaling, extraction (no pain for me!). Consultation baru RM30 + can get that 10% discount too if you mention my name.

Many thanks Dr.Fawwaz & Dr.Elianie for being open today to accommodate my urgency 😭

πŸ“Klinik Pergigian FF Dental
7-1, Jalan PJU 8/5h, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(next to Crispy Chippy and Pizza Hut)

Open Daily 10.30am - 7pm