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HealthLand Malaysia My Favourite Massage Spot

My Favourite Massage Spot in Malaysia

If there's one thing I couldn't live without, it's a massage. I love massages so much that I have tried almost every massage place in Malaysia, from affordable to luxury. I have my very own list of recommendations and always try new places too, but there is one place that has been my favorite since they opened in Malaysia in 2013: HealthLand. I have my own reasons why this has become my favorite massage spot!

⭐ Location: Convenient & Accessible (almost everywhere ada outlet) ✅
⭐ Price: Affordable, within reach for all kinds of people! 💰
⭐ Service: Very good from booking to reception. 🙌
⭐ Massage Quality: Depends on the masseuse and location (subjective) 💆‍♀️
⭐ Credibility: Trusted, clean & professional! Plus, your hours start when the massage begins! ✔️

HealthLand Desa Park City, Plaza Arkadia

You can find a HealthLand Family Welness Centre almost everywhere in Malaysia. I actually have a mission to discover all of their outlets in Malaysia. Whenever I travel, I would check if there's a HealthLand nearby but pandemic happened and some of the outlets closed down. For example I used to frequent the HealthLand TTDI outlet, but it's closed now, so I go to HealthLand Bandar Utama, Uptown Damansara, and Desa Park City since they're nearby my place in Damansara Perdana. These three outlets are beautiful and spacious, especially the one in Desa Park City

I heard there will be more outlets opening including Royal and Premium outlets in Malaysia! 

Award Winning Wellness Center

transported to Thailand right away

the cozy relax interior decor

this is the foot washing seating area

before your treatment, they'll wash your feet first

Clean, spacious, and inviting atmosphere. The moment I step in, I feel like I am being transported to Thailand! Their interior decorations are very nice, and sometimes I feel like doing the same for my home. The reception is always welcoming, and they will explain or guide you if you're new to all this. They offer to keep your luggage or large bags at the counter if you're traveling.

They don't hard-sell, but they do offer their current promotions for sign-ups if you're interested in coming back. If you're not ready for a package, you can take advantage of their Happy Hour prices which are also very good. Do check their HealthLand Malaysia Instagram and HealthLand Malaysia Facebook to find out about the latest offers.

For first-time visitors, I would recommend picking from their top 3 popular treatments:

🤏 Traditional Thai Treatment:
Involves applying pressure to specific points and along the massage lines using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees, or feet. It opens up your body's energy channels, enabling energy to flow freely.


Thainess Oil Treatment:
A full-body therapy using essential organic oils to gently massage and relax your body and mind. 

👣 Foot Treatment:
Promotes full-body relaxation through pressure points on the soles of your feet. Releases tension in your legs and brings back lightness to your steps! 

I always wear comfortably when I go massage!
(don't worry if u go in jeans, they provide changing pants for you)

Big Foot Massage Hall

my weekly foot massage is a must!

My personal favorite is the Foot Massage because I love sitting in the reclining comfort of the lounge chair while having my feet rubbed and massaged. I believe it helps with my inner health and blood circulation when certain acupressure points are massaged. I love how relaxing it is, and I can't get enough of foot massages. If I could, I would do it every day (I have done that before, going every day during a time when I was quite stressed with work and health).

It is probably the most convenient hop-on, hop-off massage treatment that doesn't require you to change your clothes. I'm lazy like that.

VIP Room for Body Massages

If my back starts to feel strained, tight, or achy, I would go for the Thainess Oil massage and add on RM13 Lemongrass essential oil for the complete experience. This is the same as an aromatherapy oil massage, which helps promote relaxation while releasing knots and tension in your body. The level of pressure can be adjusted by informing your masseuse beforehand, in case you're afraid of pain like me. 

But if you're a fan of pain and acupressure points, go for the Traditional Thai massage instead!

Aroma Oils for Your Massage

P.S.: They have a variety of aroma oils for customers at RM13 each (current price). You can choose from Ginger (wind release), Lavender (relaxation), Lemongrass (detox), and Coconut (beauty). Not a fan of oils? You can select the Balm instead (refer to outlet for price). 

a delightful ginger tea awaits you after every treatment

I especially like that they don't scam you on your treatment time like other outlets do. I get really mad when that happens. You know, like how you buy an hour massage, and they start counting from the time you change into your slippers. The actual massage time is less when you consider that! At HealthLand, the masseuses are required to time your massage from the moment it starts, like when you're actually on the bed ready to be massaged. This level of service and trust is why I keep coming back. 

I am currently a member, and I would advise anyone who is planning to enjoy a massage at HealthLand to consider getting a package, as it's a great value if you're a massage enthusiast like me. They often have package promotions that can last either a month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. I would go for the biggest package because you'll be paying below RM50/hour for massages in any of their outlets in Malaysia and mind you, they're almost everywhere.

How To Book 📞

Here are my options to avoid speaking to a human:
1. Book online over 20 outlets to choose from via Healthland Malaysia website
2. Healthland WhatssApp (for group bookings 3pax and above) 

Speak to a human:
1. You can google and call any of their outlets out for faster booking on available time slots.
2. Walk-in to any of their outlet to inquire for available sessions. 

Seriously, do consider that and share with your family or friends if you can't take up a big package because, in the long run, this is a better deal! 💯