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Marie France Bodyline 12 Months Passport!


My Passport To Slim!

Today I went to Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley to collect my prize from wining the Marie France Bodyline 30 days Bloggers Challenge! When I got the letter, I was very happy. I can't believe my efforts in the challenge paid off and I won a year's free slimming from Marie France Bodyline *happy*. However since I have been traveling around, I indulged in many feasts that left me with a big number on the scale *shrieks*. I'm so glad I won this, I'm going to make sure I keep going to the treatments at least twice a week!

wow comes with a gold card

camwhore with my gold card

My prize came in a cute red box called "S12 Passport To Slim". I am a bit confused and blur about what this package is about. There's vouchers inside where I get discounts on MFB's treatment/products and a Svenson Hair Care Session that cost nearly RM500. For the passport, there's a list of treatments on it and how many limit per sessions for each list. I don't get it still though. Anyone has done this before? care to explain how it works?

slimming journey

proud of my passport!

Passport To Slim: Journey To Transformation
(Packed with Markdowns)

The first treatment I did was Guam Body Treatment (GBT). I was given a tummy & thigh medicated mud mask for 20mins and it was so itchy. Hope my skin can tahan it the next time I do again. Then my deep detoxifying massage began (35mins) and wow very painful massage. I tried to tahan again coz I wanna be slim. After all slimming massage is to help break fats and soften our tough meat so I must tahan! I wonder what I will do on Wednesday. Perhaps try something else with machine.


  1. congratz.. keep visit them to do the cold wrap, i think that one can work if u do it constantly.. but damn coooooooooold.. =p

  2. i think it means u can use treatments against the RM8,600 you have won.... (of course, RRP that is).

  3. so if one time u use, then its deducted from the money, left remaining RM8,100.00.

    If like that, each time u use RM500- RM600 worth of treatments, means that you can go at least 13 times... maybe go once a month.LOL.

    Like that means, save for massage and facial therapy lor.... else finish up soon no more left la.


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