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Oh My Ankle Hurts! Tiger To Rescue!


I Need Tiger Balm Plaster!

It's been weeks since I sprained my ankle and I decided to buy Tiger Balm Plasters to relief the pain. It's not a serious sprained just uncomfortable at times. The Tiger Balm Plaster will help stimulate blood circulation on my sprained area and speed up the healing process. I drop by my local Guardian Pharmacy at Solaris Mont Kiara to grab a plaster.

Tiger Balm Plasters Warm & Cool

There's two types of Tiger Balm Plasters at Guardian. You might be wondering why is there two types of plasters? WARM serves as a lasting and effective relief for chronic pain such as arthritis and rheumatism. COOL is for lasting relief for acute pain such as muscular strain, sprain and backache. 
plaster comes with easy to use instructions

I bought the Tiger Balm Plaster in Cool for sprains. It is a hydrogel plaster and is non-woven ventilated material. Long lasting and comfortable to use, the plasters are easy to apply and leaves no residue on the skin. It's a quick and effective muscular pain relief for hours. Available in two sizes either:
  • Small (10cm x 7cm) - For neck, arms, legs and joints
  • Large (10am x 14cm) - For back and shoulder blades
I got the large one because well the bigger the better! the more love for my aching feet. There's two plasters in one package so I am keeping the spare one for any future muscle pain relief and relief from general aches, strains and contusions. Tonight I'm sleeping well :)


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